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APA Conference in Washington DC Oct 13/14


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Who is interested in peacefully protesting and raising awareness of withdrawl and iatrogenic drug harm like PSSD? 


-2015 to June 2022: Sprionolactone 25mg 2x/day

-August 2020 - November 2020: Escitalopram 5mg-->10mg-->stopped 

-September 2020 - Tried Wellbutrin for 2 days 

- January 2021-July 2021: Escitalopram 10mg-->5mg--> stopped

-August 2021-November 2021: Escitalopram  5-->10-->5mg--> stopped 

-November 2021-February 2022: Wellbutrin 100mg (tried 150 too stimulating) 

-March-April 2022: 5htp supplement 100-200mg then stopped, 10 days of Doxycycline antibiotics, 1 dose of Plan B birth control 

-May 2022: Wellbutrin 100mg 2 weeks --> stopped and restarted 5htp for few days then stopped --> restarted 75mg for a few days --> stopped Started Buspar 3mg 2x day for a few days --> stopped 

- January 2021 - June 2022: alternating Xanax .5, Melatonin, Benadryl PRN for sleep --> stopped all this in June 

- June 2022: trialed l-tyrosine, turmeric, Maca, oil of oregano supplements, magnesium, APA, fish oil --> stopped everything 

- September 2022: 4 days of low tryptophan diet (fruit) and 20-30mg of gelatin (no tryptophan) --> stopped, 1 dose of Metropolol Tartrate 25mg to offset tachycardia 

Currently: Emotional anesthesia, anhedonia, brain fog, head pressure/internal mental restlessness, PSSD. 

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