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Injured by True Hope


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Hi there I was told that I’m allowed to post this but it is separate from the opinions and endorsement of SA


i’m looking for people who have been injured by the rapid taper from being given advice by the company True Hope supplements. I was severely depressed and the antidepressants did not work nor have they been working for years. My GP would just add more medication. I asked to see a psychiatrist in 2018. The psychiatrist took me off of two of my medication is cold turkey. I  tried several antidepressants  and it was a nightmare for about a year and a half . During this time I saw my family doctor and three different psychiatrists. 

One psychiatrist put me on bipolar medication and I don’t have bipolar. Another one made me a zombie with a 70s antidepressant called Moclobemide. he didn’t believe the medication caused me to be a zombie so he told me that I could do whatever I want with my medication. He was nasty.


I went on Wellbutrin and Lexapro for about two years, not getting any better, told I have treatment resistant depression and the medication‘s were making me more depressed.


I found True Hope and I thought the heavens opened up. The website promises the world. They don’t warn you that the side effects can be severe and debilitating. I was off both of my medication’s in a month. They tell you that the supplements cause overmedicated symptoms and when do you start getting the overmedicated symptoms it’s time to reduce the dose. They went down a quarter of a dose of both medications every week. The last week it was a Friday evening and I started to get the symptoms and I was on the last quarter of a dose  so I thought that that was it so I stopped taking it.


( The office was closed for the weekend)

I called the office the next business day and told them what I had done. I called several times over the next two weeks because the withdrawal was so severe. They did not tell me to reinstate until about 12 days after my last reduction. They advised to  reinstate to 75 mg, 1/4 of the dose of Wellbutrin and then taper down from that over two months. I was totally off everything by July 2 and I started tapering on March 7. Then I went into full-blown withdrawals. Over the summer I kept calling the office because I was suffering so much and they kept blaming it on me that I shouldn’t be exercising. They kept telling me to increase the aminos and drink more protein isolates but did not tell me to reinstate or give me any other advice. I was suicidal and they knew it and they didn’t tell me to seek any help. I kept asking them if I had tapered too fast and they denied it. Well now I’ve had to go on disability. I cannot exercise at all otherwise I get severely sick and the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable .


I have had to pay thousands of dollars for a functional medicine NP. In one month my supplements cost $422 and my disability doesn’t even cover my normal monthly  expenses. Not saying there’s anything wrong with the supplements , but it is the staff and the way their protocol is set up to take people off these medications is dangerous and life altering, not in a good way.And who knows how long this will last?


I am willing to find an attorney who will assist in a class action lawsuit if anybody else wants to join me let me know. If you have been injured in the same way by getting poor advice and up ending your life because of it. I called an attorney today but it would cost thousands and thousands to fight them and they have been in litigation before. With a class action lawsuit you don’t pay, the lawyer takes a chunk of the settlement. 


Thank you for any help and any opinions comments.


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2015 Wellbutrin 300 mg + Ability + Pristiq 

2018 Psych CT off Pristiq and Ability 

2018 (November) unsuccessful attempt to withdraw from Pristiq and Wellbutrin. Went 

2019 Trintellix 2 months ( vomiting +++)

2019 off Trintellix, on SamE supplements

2019 Moclobebide 900 mg zombie 

2019 Wellbutrin 300 mg then Lexapro 10mg

2022( March) coached off both in 30 days 

2022 Sept. Reinstated 1.25 mg Lex, now on 0.75 mg Lex



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On 10/25/2014 at 7:26 AM, Altostrata said:

I have personal experience with that center. I do not recommend it.


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