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linnyh -- going off Ativan, on Effexor XR


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what if you're already tapering the benzo? long story short, began taper off 3mg/Ativan per day (6 years) and also taking between 75-112.5 Effexor XR over same period of time. doctor took me off ativan and put me on 10mg valium. such severe s/e the 1st week I started with 20 and of course, ran out early. he refused to give me more. i went to the ER. they gave me 10 .5 tabs of xanax (which I don't even like and still have). meanwhile my doctor fired me as a patient because I was raging at how cruel he was being, etc. And no other low-income psych's available for 6 months in my area (downstate Illinois). I'm still taking effexor (don't dare start titrating that right now). i have about 6 5mg valium left and am now down to 5mg per day and then have to c/t. (or does anyone have experience using the xanax first and saving the v for last.) can anyone help or speak from their own experience or have any advice? (I know it's not medical advice) just desperately need help.

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Hello, linnyh. I moved your post here as your Intro topic because it introduces and describes your situation.


You've read the topic Taking multiple psych drugs? Taper the antidepressant first!, so you know how it describes the risks and benefits of going off antidepressants first.


Is there a reason besides cost that you decided to go off Ativan first? Have you been having any withdrawal symptoms?


How have you been getting your Ativan prescription filled? Going off cold turkey is not a good idea. Any MD can write a prescription for you so you don't have to do this. Do you have a family doctor?


Ativan is available as a generic, lorazepam; many stores such as Costco, Walgreen's, Target, Walmart, etc. have very low prices on the generic.


If I were in your position, I might hold tapering the Ativan, stabilize, and perhaps start tapering the Effexor instead.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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