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Hello--I've been off Citalopram for nearly a month after a month-long taper and am still experiencing moderate to severe wd. I can handle the zaps and the dizziness--I would get that even if I forgot to take a pill for one day. But I am really having trouble dealing with the nausea. I'm doing peppermint and ginger, which helps a little. Can anyone else suggest a remedy?


Also, how much longer is this going to go on? Did I taper too fast? Can I get off the Wellbutrin too or will that just screw up my CNS even more? I feel like that little boy in the YouTube video as he was coming home, high, from the dentist: "am I going to feel like this forever?"


On various antidepressant for 8 years.

On Citalopram 40mg and Wellbutrin 100mg for past few years.

In early September, tried stopping Citalopram for six days but the wd was too much; went back on at 10mg and tapered down to zero over three weeks.

Have been at zero mg Citalopram since the beginning of October. Still taking 100mg Wellbutrin.

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Hi Keetseel


I'm not an expert but the fact that you had symptoms from just missing a dose seems to suggest that you are sensitive to withdrawal. That being the case, I would say, yes, you tapered off much too quickly. Alto or one of the others will have good advice. You probably need to reinstate and stabilize, then taper off at a much slower rate.


One of the staff will advise you in more detail. You don't need to come off the Wellbutrin yet. That would further destabilize your CNS at this point.


There's no way to predict how long this may last if you don't reinstate. The good news is that you've only been off a short time and reinstating, possibly at a lower dose, will be more likely to relieve your WD.


Alto will need to know what mg of Citalopram you were taking and if you still have some to reinstate.


I'm sorry you're feeling so bad and hope you feel better soon. Welcome to the site.

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Keetseel, welcome to our community.


It sounds like you tapered too fast. Since you're still having withdrawal symptoms a month later, it's unknown how long they will last. It might be months or even years.


If I were you, I'd try reinstating a partial dose of citalopram immediately, perhaps 10mg. Do you have any tablets left?


A liquid would enable precise dosing. There are instructions about how to make a liquid from tablets here: http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/2023-tips-for-tapering-off-celexa-citalopram/

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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I feel like that little boy in the YouTube video as he was coming home, high, from the dentist: "am I going to feel like this forever?"


I'm not sure if I saw that video but I saw a similar one. It sounds like you still have a sense of humor which is a really good thing.

15+ years on various ADs and combos. Spent 3 yrs tapering (off & on ) off 225mg Effexor venlafaxine) XR & Remeron (mirtazapine). Finished tapering Oct 2014.

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Hi Keetseel and welcome to the forum.


I'm sorry you're having such awful wd symptoms. Many of us have been through horrible withdrawals as well.


This forum offers great support and advice.


I hope you feel better soon.

July 2001 prescribed 20mg citalopram for depression;
On and off meds from 2003-2006.
February 2006 back on 20mg citalopram and stayed on it until my last attempt at tapering in September 2011.
By far the worst withdrawal symptoms ever. Reinstated to 20mg citalopram
October 2012 - found this forum!
Nov 2012 to Feb 2013 did 10% taper, got doen to 11mg - was going great until stressful situation. Cortisol levels hit the roof, hideous insomnia forced me to updose to 20mg.
March 2016 - close to 100% back to normal!

****** I am not a medical practitioner, any advice I give comes from my own experience or reading and is only my perspective ******

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