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Free online video course - PANIC FREE LIFE


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Hi, I'd like to share a free online course that I have stumbled upon, called PANIC FREE LIFE (http://www.panicfreelife.com/sp/6331-free-signup). It was made by comedian Kyle Cease who suffered from suicidal anxiety in the past and has recovered to have the nr one comedy central special. He shares the tools he used to cope and overcome his anxiety in 7 short videos followed by practice instructions at the end.

Hope you enjoy them!


2008 - started taking Risperidone.

In 2014 tried to taper it, taperred it to 1mg during several months then abruptly stopped, ended up in the hospital. 

2014-2015  -  been off meds 3 times, all 3 times ended in the hospital and was put back on them.

13 Jun 2016 - went  from 2 mg Risperidone to 1.5mg

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Thanks, I will check them out!

'94-'08 On/off ADs. Mostly Zoloft & Wellbutrin, but also Prozac, Celexa, Effexor, etc.
6/08 quit Z & W after tapering, awful anxiety 3 mos. later, reinstated.
11/10 CTed. Severe anxiety 3 mos. later & @ 8 mos. much worse (set off by metronidazole). Anxiety, depression, anhedonia, DP, DR, dizziness, severe insomnia, high serum AM cortisol, flu-like feelings, muscle discomfort.
9/11-9/12 Waves and windows of recovery.
10/12 Awful relapse, DP/DR. Hydrocortisone?
11/12 Improved fairly quickly even though relapse was one of worst waves ever.

1/13 Best I've ever felt.

3/13 A bit of a relapse... then faster and shorter waves and windows.

4/14 Have to watch out for triggers, but feel completely normal about 80% of the time.

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