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A plea to prescribing physicians and psychiatrists: please help us heal http://wp.me/p5nnb-8aq


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new (re) post some of you might appreciate...feel free to pass on as is the suggestion in the post:


A plea to prescribing physicians and psychiatrists: please help us heal http://wp.me/p5nnb-8aq (original link)


Share this with your doctors and colleagues, please.


The article is about the need for patients to be made aware of the dangers of psychiatric drugs.


These paragraphs highlight what Dr. Browne said to the Irish Examiner:


Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Dr Browne, now a counselling psychotherapist, said there is so much evidence about the dangers of psychiatric drugs that it cannot be ignored.

“I think it is going to force change, but that means breaking the power that big pharma has over doctors who get perks for prescribing the drugs,” Dr Browne said.


“Psychiatry has all the power and unless we get this message through to them it is very difficult to see how things will change. But I feel sorry for psychiatrists because all they can do is prescribe medication, but there is an urgent need to look at different ways of doing things.


“You do find the odd psychiatrist who is willing to engage and I am trying to talk to them,” he said.


“We don’t have alternatives in place for people and drugs are damaging long-term. We need to treat people as humans and not patients who have a long term sickness. And we shouldn’t call what we do ‘treatment’. There is no way I can say to a person ‘I will treat you and make you better’. I can only guide the person. They themselves have to do the work.”


Dr Browne said 60%-80% of his work is helping people to slowly get off drugs. “At the moment I can’t keep up with the numbers of people trying to come and see me.

The article ends with that final statement which I have bolded because the fact is there is a huge niche opening up for psychiatrists and other prescribing physicians who want to take the opportunity. People want and desperately need COMPETENT professional help in coming off of psychiatric drugs. We need prescribers to make the transition easier.


This is an invitation for prescribing doctors to think about stepping up to the plate and perhaps even undoing some of the harm they’ve maybe helped cause.


This is not to be taken lightly. Many people come off meds with relative ease. Some of us, though, become crippled with iatrogenic illness. You will need to educate yourselves. Once you start making it be known that you can help — those of us who’ve been seriously and gravely harmed will start appearing on your doorstep. Most doctors never see (or recognize) us because once they deny our reality those of us who understand what has happened to us don’t hang around to be further abused. The doctors then move forward believing we don’t exist and spread that dangerous misconception to other doctors.It creates a treacherous world for those of us who are very ill with nowhere safe to go.


Please, it’s time that doctors learn how to help us. Some of you have unintentionally helped create the iatrogenesis that is now limiting our lives so much more than any “mental illness” ever did. Please start helping us heal now. We need you.


For some discussion on various forms that withdrawal syndrome can take see here: Dyesthesias: abnormal pain from psych drug withdrawal (and info about other sorts of withdrawal pains and symptoms too) MDs — please take a look at this…these are syndromes you rarely know anything about! We’ve got thousands of people reporting them, however. Please look at it. Please educate yourselves. Please.


Some of what I’ve learned with thousands of others online about psychiatric drug withdrawal with links to additional resources here: Withdrawal 101.


I suggest everyone reading this post, email a copy to all the doctors you know. And doctors, share this with your colleagues.


Some additional information on withdrawal:

Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications

Introduction to psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome

Multiple drug sensitivity(the outcome of grossly over-prescribed medications)


There is much more information regarding psychiatric drug withdrawal and recovery available on this blog if you go to the drop-down menus at the top of this page.


If you’re a blogger feel free to copy, paste and publish this post on your blog.


http://wp.me/p5nnb-8aq (original link to post)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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