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Gary Null Death by Medicine video


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To you, Aria and others who may be interested. The vid mentioned below will answer your questions.


First off, WARNING: That video are disturbing scenes of a woman going through benzo withdrawal, some viewers may find this distressing.

I feel the need to add, in my three years of benzo withdrawal and seeing others go through the same thing, what the woman suffered on the video was an extreme case, so, if anyone is embarking on a benzo taper please do not fear ending up like the woman on the vid.


There's a video made by Gary Null called Death by medicine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTt0hfvKUno&feature=youtube_gdata_player



It's over an hour long, but worth watching as it answers questions on how highly trained doctors keep failing to understand the meds they prescribe and the harm they do.


Ultimately, big pharma want to keep us sick, so they can keep their big profits coming in.

Pharmecutical sales reps play down side effects and give doctors mis information, and these reps are not even trained.

Doctors are not trained in med school, they are indoctrinated.

This may be why a wall seems to go up when we mention iatrogenic illnesses to our doctors.

pregan taper 600mg down to 240mg, daily cuts since xmas

valium, just over 75mg, tapering 0.1 a day, will keep this more udated, cos amounts going down

i have borderline personality, chronic ptsd, and suspected adhd and substance misuse as a symptom, which i am addressing with help of medical staff, drugs agencies & mh sta

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