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I stopped taking Prozac during the day and Trazodone at night after 10 years on the meds on December 4. I have been trying to convince my psychiatrist to help me off the meds for a few years but she always brushed me off by saying that I am doing so well on them...At any rate, I met a retired french psychiatrist and spoke to him about my decision to quit. He was very encouraging. I was taking 40 mg prozac and 50 mg trazodone. I quit prozac first. I had been taking the med every other day for a while and quit for good a month and a half ago. AFter that I started really feeling the effects of the Trazodone.

I am irritable, moody and cannot sleep. I crave sugar and have lost my appetite. I fly off the handle very easily. In order to off set the side effects I have been exercising and doing yoga on a daily basis which seems to help. Any other suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum, Sara.


What you're experiencing now probably isn't side effects from Trazadone, it's withdrawal from Prozac. The every-other-day method of withdrawal is the worst possible way to go off an antidepressant even though that's what most doctors will tell you to do. Did you taper down to a lower dose before going off Prozac completely?


Your best bet would be to reinstate a lower dose of Prozac, stabilize, and then taper off from there, but I don't know what to suggest as a dose without knowing how low the dose was when you jumped off. And please don't refuse to consider reinstating the drug for a short time. Otherwise your current symptoms could get worse and last a long time. One of our staff people, Strawberry17, has been struggling with Prozac withdrawal for years, and I hope she'll be along soon to offer further advice.


Are you still taking the Trazadone? When you have a few minutes, please put your psychiatric drug history in your signature:




The more we know, the better we can help.


Again, welcome. You'll find lots of good information and friendly, gently support here.

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