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trembling in chest


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Hi all- one of my main anxiety symptoms is trembling and/or tightness in my chest. It seems to be helped somewhat by magnesium.

What causes this feeling? It seems this is a pretty common feeling people have.


Thanks for any explanations!

2003-2010 up and down 10-40mg celexa for anxiety
2/2011 10mg
8/2011 5mg for 3 wks, then stopped completely.
middle of night waking after apx 1-2 hours of sleep (nightly), panic/jitteriness after waking
11/11 back on 30mg celexa, ambien/many supplements-insomnia/panic.
2/12 30mg celexa, many supplements (Magnesium eliminated morning tight chest/jitteriness). Off ambien!
7/12 20mg
8/12 15 mg(sleep improving,mood pos)
12/12 2.3 mg got liquid celexa!
1/13 2.1 mg
3/13 1.2 mg
4/13 down to .6 too quickly- cortisol spikes, middle of night waking, night sweats...
4/13 held at .6 for 3 weeks so far. Off most supplements as well. Withdrawal depression almost gone!


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Francis, we have a lot of symptoms that seem to be caused by overstimulation of the vagus nerve in the front of the chest. It controls many autonomic functions.


Magnesium, "nature's calcium channel blocker," helps to calm the nerve transmissions.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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