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Tardive dyskinesia or involuntary movements

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People love those weighted blankets, they've become quite the thing.


On 2/14/2019 at 6:48 AM, Wellbutrinsucks said:

This is so distressing; twitching doesn’t seem to last this long in most people. 


I have no idea how you can make that generalization. Having no grounds for it,  you might look into whether having this symptom, or any symptom, matches a belief about yourself, e.g. that you are irredeemably flawed. If so, I strongly suggest you seek psychotherapy for this, getting it cleared out and re-writing your script will make your whole life so much better, not to mention this difficult period while you're waiting for recovery.


Wellbutrinsucks, please put further musings about your symptoms and updates in your Introductions topic.

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