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Tips for tapering off Zyprexa (olanzapine)

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@Spideygsm that abrupt withdrawal must've been dreadful.  I remember occasionally when I missed a dose at 10mg I'd spend the next day basically staring into the void.  It would be debilitating having to deal with those large cuts and not catch up.


I chucked up some of my dose the other night (upset stomach) and from 1.1mg the next day really wasn't that bad by comparison.  A bit like land is in sight on this long voyage.  Those days where I miss a dose are quite infrequent but they have given a window into how far is left to go.  What would happen after a few weeks if I CT'd even here is still not worth thinking about!


You've done well to persist through that.  They should've cut the Ritalin as soon as you reported sleep problems.  I don't think stimulants have any place around children in any case. 


You're absolutely right about the need to address the underlying problems.  In my intro thread I went through how EMDR last year unearthed some horrible trauma from when I was 4.  A big upheaval but very liberating.  I'm happy I'll be ok from here, just a pity I didn't get that kind of help much sooner.


Agree on the exercise and diet, too.



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