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Tips for tapering off Zyprexa (olanzapine)

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@Spideygsm that abrupt withdrawal must've been dreadful.  I remember occasionally when I missed a dose at 10mg I'd spend the next day basically staring into the void.  It would be debilitating having to deal with those large cuts and not catch up.


I chucked up some of my dose the other night (upset stomach) and from 1.1mg the next day really wasn't that bad by comparison.  A bit like land is in sight on this long voyage.  Those days where I miss a dose are quite infrequent but they have given a window into how far is left to go.  What would happen after a few weeks if I CT'd even here is still not worth thinking about!


You've done well to persist through that.  They should've cut the Ritalin as soon as you reported sleep problems.  I don't think stimulants have any place around children in any case. 


You're absolutely right about the need to address the underlying problems.  In my intro thread I went through how EMDR last year unearthed some horrible trauma from when I was 4.  A big upheaval but very liberating.  I'm happy I'll be ok from here, just a pity I didn't get that kind of help much sooner.


Agree on the exercise and diet, too.



*** I am not a health professional - your actions are your own ***


My taper visualised as a graph   |   My intro thread


10mg olanzapine 2003-06.  3mg risperidone 2006-2014 gave slight weight loss but mediocre sleep.  Abrupt x-taper to try aripiprazole Dec 2014 increasingly restless (Freddy the blind man could've seen that coming, shame about the pdoc) then back onto 10mg olanzapine after 3 weeks.

Round 1:  2015 10 -> 7 1/2 -> 6 2/3 -> 5mg olanzapine.   Hadn't researched, just decided to try it myself with pill cutter.  Easy enough.  Next cut to 3 1/3mg for 2 weeks had me struggling to function.  Reverted to 5mg, thought that was as far as I could go.

Round 2:  Given Breggin to read, found SA.  Taper from 5 to 2.5mg over five months.  Titrate liquid suspension using Rhi's method.  Cuts and holds all done by feel.  All samples at start of month in mg:

2018:  Feb 5.0 | Mar 4.5 | Apr 4.25 | May 3.7 | Jun 3.3 | Jul 3.1 | Aug 2.9 | Sep 2.5 and six month hold

Round 3:  2.5mg and below.  EMDR work unearthed and resolved root trauma at around 2.1mg

2019:  Jan 2.5 | Feb 2.3 | Mar 2.215 / EMDR / Apr 1.976 | May 1.875 | Jun 1.825 | Jul 1.625 | Aug 1.525 | Sep 1.46 | Oct 1.3 | Nov 1.225 | Dec 1.25

2020:  Jan 1.214 | Feb 1.1 | Mar 1.0 🙂 | Apr 0.88 | May 0.82 | June 0.74 | July 0.69 | Aug 0.61 | Sep 0.59 | Oct 0.525

‘If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family.’  -- Ram Dass

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Leaving pills in the open

I have read medicenes lose effectiveness after some time. So i have some olanzapine pebbles left in open for some time. They lost some colour. Assuming it interacts with air and oxidises, would that decrease the potency of it? Which would benefit when reinstating? Or some random effect happens then its a bad idea.


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On 12/23/2013 at 12:52 PM, Meimeiquest said:

Hi Lauren,


I'm a Zyprexa survivor...it can be done! Why don't you write a full intro with signature in the intro and update forum, especially if you are on other meds. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, but tapering Zyprexa first was, for me, the most serious of them. I'm assuming you read this thread on Zyprexa tapering?

Hi @Meimeiquest, I am just about to begin my tapering process off Zyprexa 5mg. What method did you use to taper off Zyprexa? Thanks so much 

Mid June 2019 to mid November 2019 - Escitalopram (Lexapro) 20mg (3 week taper - psych advise) 

Reinstated 2.5mg Lexapro 3rd Jan 2020 

Increased Lexapro dose to 5mg (0.06g) 11th Jan 2020 due to continual WD symptoms, Decreased Lexapro dose to 0.05g 7th March 2020, Decreased Lexapro dose to 0.04g 7th April 2020, Decreased Lexapro dose to 0.03g 7th May 2020

Mid June 2019 to 14 Jul 2020 - Clonazepam 0.5mg 

Pericyazine (Neulactil) 20mg 24th Jun 2020 - 12th July, down to 15mg 13th July - 19th July, down to 10mg 20th July - 26th July, reinstated 15mg Pericyazine 27 July 2020 - Accidentally took 20mg for 2 nights 5 &6/8/20, CT Pericyazine 14th Sept 2020 (Psych CT and replaced with Olanzapine) 

20mg Lexapro - 16th May 2020 - 9th Sept 2020 (Psych CT and replaced with Nortriptyline) 

10mg Diazepam - 5 Aug 2020, reduced over weeks to 7mg Tuesday 29 September, updosed to 8mg 2nd October 2020 (current) 

75mg Nortriptyline - 10 Sept 2020 - Current 

5mg Olanzapine - 15th Sept 2020 - 29 Sept 2020, reduced to 2.5mg on 30 Sept 2020, back up to 5.0mg on 5th Oct 2020 (current) 

Supplements: magnesium, Elevit (multivitamin) 


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