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Tips for tapering off Zyprexa (olanzapine)


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Hello all.

I have a question about this medicine. I want to start taper, again. I do not want to cut and weight on a scale. I want to try to make a liquid suspension. 


However. I can not find or get ora-plus here in europe. I know the medicine is not water soluble. But will it work by only water? 


I read that it would, here: 

But according to this post, here, says it needs ora-plus. 

Thanks for any answer



Medicine: Olanzapine 2017-06: 10mg

2017-08 @10mg. Taper 25% every 3 weeks .2017-11:  2.5mg (1 tablet) Staying put. Completely stabilized.

2018-09:  2.5mg 2018-09 Taper 25% every 2 weeks

2018-11 0.625 milligrams. PA´s started so held on for 3 months. 2019-02 Taper 33% every 3 weeks.

2019-04 Too much tapering. Back to 0.625 milligrams

2019- 06 Taper slower this time: 10% every 2 weeks

2019-09 0.15625 milligrams 

2020-03: Too much taper. Back to 0.625 milligrams 2020: 04 Too destabilized, back to 0.83 milligrams

2021-03 Too destabilized still, back to 1100 milligrams 2021-07 Holding

Supplements: Mag/cal/zink citrate. Omega 3. Vit D 5000 ui/day

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