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Uplifting Books

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I've shared that on my FB page friends post lovely and very uplifting pics and posts.


For about two weeks now I log onto Joel Osteen's FB page and read a number of posts there.

I really like him and his messages are excellent.


I did read "MaKe Every Day a Friday" and it was a good read.


There are other sites like Zig Ziglar, Build Your Confidence and so many others. Deepak Chopra is a good one.


I am making it a practice that I look forward to in the morning to read as many uplifting and positive quotes as I can. They are reminders for me.


A friend sent me a link for quite a few Mindful Meditation practices and I'll see if I can send then here.


Over the last decade or so, it seems to be about giving ourselves a daily infusion of these helpful tidbits to gain a better perspective or 'change the channel" as Joel Osteen puts it.


I do need to be reminded to focus on better things, what I have, how far I have come, and how far I can go. I don't wake up with these thoughts.


WD from AD's filled me with alot of fear, as did other things in life.


I am looking to take a Mindful Meditation Course (8 weeks) at some point in time, but I have to define my priorities in terms of money. Just bought a new refrigerator yesterday. Will be buying a new Microwave and Range too. Within the next two weeks my care needs servicing and new tires.


Then.........I can take the course :D


Hugs PS Sundays I wake with melancholy, I have it. It's somewhat low grade so I really needed to see positive reminders ;)

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