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In our German TV


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yesterday night we had an interesting doku in our TV program.


The first part was about the severe side effects of SSRIs like aggression ,suicide and shootings.Also Dr.Harley was talking and lot s of examples from the USA

were shown.Like a father who was put on Prozac and shot his daughters.


Unfortunately nothing about withdrawal.


The second part was about researching a new medication for depression in Germany. So I don t know if you can use a translater program to read this:



Sept.2007 Citalopram for burn out,reverse reaction

Paroxetin 20mg,5 weeks,had to stop because of reverse reaction

after a manic episode,severe withdrawal hit after 6 weeks,

hospitalization twice,during the first 2 years withdrawal got worse and worse

disabled since

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Hi all,


I also come from Germany and saw the this program.


But it was Dr. David Healy who was talking, not Dr. Harley. ;)


Best wishes


2005-2008 Cymbalta 60 mg
2008-2011 Cymbalta 30 mg - w/d during several months by skipping days, last pill in October, severe w/d syndrome (no sleep, flu for weeks, muscle pain for months, brain zaps, dizziness etc.)
April 2012 St. John's Wort 900 mg, reducing step by step, now 37,5 mg
April 2012 Trimipramine 25 mg (only 3 days), then 12,5 mg, reducing step by step, now 3 mg

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