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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid or ascorbate)

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I am taking around 1000-2000mg high quality c-vitamin daily in the morning and before bed for around 12 months.


It helps me to calm.


However, is it consider safe to take these high amount everyday for a long time? Should I maby take 500mg morning and 500mg evening instead?



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The link in an earlier post had expired - regarding titrating Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Here is an article I found:

The Method of Determining Proper Doses of Vitamin C for the Treatment of Disease by Titrating to Bowel Tolerance by Robert F. Cathcart, III, M.D.


Anyway, I had noticed when I had a bad cold last May and then another cold this past week or so, that I had a notable reduction in certain symptoms while sick: nightmares, waking anxiety, anxiety during the day. I finally figured out it might be because when I start to get a cold, I titrate vitamin c to bowel tolerance and continue the large doses until I'm better, when I drop precipitously to 1 gram in the morning. I noticed a dramatic resurgence of my symptoms this time, so I'm going back on the higher doses and see if that helps. I feel optimistic after finding this thread! I haven't really tracked the amount - For the cold, I would take .75 or 1 gram periodically during the day (and night)  in response to symptoms. I'm sure I was taking 6 or more grams a day during the cold. 


The article suggests also taking Vitamin A if you continue large doses of Vitamin C for a month or more. Of course, their idea of large doses might be a lot larger than ours. :) 

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I agree. I think I read somewhere here that vitamin c helps lower the morning cortisol surge.nit has helped for me.

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