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HPA axis?


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Hi all- (Im not sure where to put this post)

Ive been reading more about the HOA axis and have my mind all tied up in knots. Is there are good post on here that I am missing that summarizes the current possible explanation for how SSRIs interact with the HPA axis and then how withdrawal is related? I saw a post from 2011 that mentioned it and drew comparisons to steriods.

It seems like some research says that the HPA axis is slowed down by SSRIs, but at the same time, cortisol is higher... and that by taking away the SSRI, the body detects the lower cortisol levels and goes into overdrive. (and I even saw one person saying that enhancing cortisol production would help calm the HPA axis... but that seems scary to me)

However, Id really like to understand this all better so I can have a bit of a better understanding of what MAY be going on in my body... I know there is not specific clear 100% proven explanation, unfortunately.



2003-2010 up and down 10-40mg celexa for anxiety
2/2011 10mg
8/2011 5mg for 3 wks, then stopped completely.
middle of night waking after apx 1-2 hours of sleep (nightly), panic/jitteriness after waking
11/11 back on 30mg celexa, ambien/many supplements-insomnia/panic.
2/12 30mg celexa, many supplements (Magnesium eliminated morning tight chest/jitteriness). Off ambien!
7/12 20mg
8/12 15 mg(sleep improving,mood pos)
12/12 2.3 mg got liquid celexa!
1/13 2.1 mg
3/13 1.2 mg
4/13 down to .6 too quickly- cortisol spikes, middle of night waking, night sweats...
4/13 held at .6 for 3 weeks so far. Off most supplements as well. Withdrawal depression almost gone!


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Disregulation of the HPA axis is an endocrinology-centric way of describing autonomic dysregulation.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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