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A poem about meds/withdrawal

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Meds: to help with feeling ill

Simply take a pill

Will take the depression/panic away

And make you feel ok some of the day


But user beware:


Body not want pill

So will make you more ill

So unwell

Will be like a living hell

Panic attacks day and night,

Will be quite a fright.


With time

Body will be fine

Body will need pill

Or you will be ill



Emotions numbed

Body has succumbed

Can live (of a fashion),

But without any passion


I don’t want to just survive

I want to thrive

I don’t want to supress any more

Taking meds is becoming a chore


There’s someone I can talk to at last,

I can now finally talk about the past

After waiting so long

An amazing person came along

We have good rapport

And I gain lots of support

My dream came true

I’m stopping meds now – wouldn’t you?


Three months in

My head is all a spin,

I’ve lost loads of weight

Because I won’t fill my plate

I can’t eat any carbohydrate

Or else my stomach painful and inflate

Body still wants pill

So it still makes me very ill



Meds don’t take pain away

Simply store it up for another day.

Emotions huge

Like a deluge

So much pain

Want to sleep again and again

Panicky day and night

Again giving me a fright


All voices seem so loud

Is like I’m in the middle of a crowd.

All smells seem so strong

I can’t cope for long

Or my head hurts so bad

Wish the strength could decrease a tad.


A year off meds has passed

How long can withdrawal last?


Joints burning

Stomach churning

Feel sick

I often cuddle Chick(ee)*

Feel faint

I need patience of a saint


Day after day I lay in bed

Sometimes I wish I was dead

Pain in chest

Isn’t the best


With time

I will reach my prime

Will become healthy

Maybe wealthy

Will be human being


Body is clever,

So will listen to it forever

Heart is guide,

Best not denied.


Life has good and bad

Can feel happy or sad

If can experience things in the Now

Is better somehow…


Emma Jenner

* Chickee is a cuddly toy chick I have.

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Fabulous...and heartbreaking

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Bless your heart....you really summed it all up, very poetically ;)

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