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☼ Petunia: recovering from 13 years of antidepressant use

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@Petunia, what an amazing, amazing, amazing update. thank you so much for posting it. it is so inspiring and i think you are indeed darn close to the full-on recovery story. :) i am 2 months off all drugs as of this thursday and still lightly symptomatic in intervals, but feel continued healing happening as well. to read how you have progressed and endured and progressed more adds much-needed confirmation to the process, how it goes, and how it resolves. thank you, thank you thank you.


hang in there,



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This is great to read. I just got reacquainted with this site today, after much struggle and many months not reading things here. I am grateful to read stories by people who look at their trials and tribulations, their challenges and successes, as an ongoing process.  Right now things feel so hard for me, with these med changes. I hope to someday post here in a few years that I've gotten much better. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, reading success stories helps me to stay afloat. 

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Petunia! So good to hear. It's been such a long, long road. You've given us so much here, thank you.

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How long were you on meds all together? Also how long were you on Lexapro.


Pleased to see improvements.

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On 8/11/2019 at 9:51 PM, Petunia said:

Sleeping in late is one of those pleasures in life everyone deserves to have sometimes.



I think this is true and measure how I'm doing by how sleep is going.


you do sound like you are maybe so recovered it's time for a success story thread. but, maybe there is no clear line. 


what matters is you are better and thank you for sharing it with us! 

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