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Again, chemical imbalance is a myth. Stop the lies, please.


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I don't argue if people like their drug. Usually they don't want to hear about the drawbacks. It's better for you to save your attention for those who want it.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Shep,   I came across this in my research.  It may explain some of it.   "The drug companies don't control us psychiatrists, but they told  us that if we don't lend credence to the

Providing an update to this post. While reading through some of Dr. Phil Hickey's most recent blogs, I read that the APA has recently updated their website and removed this line. However, someone capt

Thanks for posting these articles. As a therapist, I'd bought into the chemical imbalance theory for years, particularly where manic-depression was concerned.   Having had a depressive crash mysel

I don't think there's many young people here so I'm updating you guys on the yougster's world


This is a song released a few weeks ago by a very popular artist:





The lyrics go:


"I'm running low on serotonin
Chemical imbalance got me twisting things
Stabilize with medicine
There's no depth to these feelings…"


That's all I'm gonna say...

July 2015 - Started Escitalopram 10mg (Lexapro) at age 15. Took it everyday until July 2020 (5 Years)

July 2020 - Turned 21 started tapering off until August (TOO FAST TAPER/ ALMOST SAME AS COLD TURKEY)

August 2020 -  Clear Manic episode (nothing absurd or life threatening)

September 2020 - Start feeling a bit weird

October 2020 - Crashed. The absolute worst time of my life. 

Late October 2020 - Reinstated Escitalopram 10mg. Perscribed Antipsychotics (Lithium, Seroquel) REFUSED

Early November 2020 - Psychiatrist wrongly upped the dosage to 15mg. Still taking 15mg / day as of today. 


22 January 2021: 

Beginning to stabilize on 15mg/day Escitalopram (Lexapro) 🧠

Taking 25mg Magnesium Citrate 4x per day / 2000mg Vitamin C Prolonged Release + Kiwis + Fresh Fruit / Salmon everyday for Omega3 Fatty Acids

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