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Healthy Foods For Depression


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This may not be new news....liked it.  I have been juicing and had a huge chocolate ice cream binge.

So I jumped back on the wagon today.  This site is where I get the recipes from.


Sugar makes me foggy, lethargic and down in the dumps.


I do not have GI issues so I can tolerate this well.


Thought you might want to see the better foods to choose from and the vits they contain.

Intro: http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/1902-nikki-hi-my-rundown-with-ads/


Paxil 1997-2004

Crossed over to Lexapro Paxil not available

at Pharmacies GSK halted deliveries

Lexapro 40mgs

Lexapro taper (2years)


Imipramine and Celexa

Now Nefazadone/Imipramine 50mgs. each

45mgs. Serzone  50mgs. Imipramine

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