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I am in the process of an ativan taper.


I started on Ativan at 1 mg and about 10 years later I was on 2.5 mg.  


In 2011, my dose was raised very drastically to 6 mg A.  Then I was switched to 6 mg K.


Took 6 mg K for 6 months, but that drug was just too powerful for me and was causing many problems.  Was also put on Lamactil at that time.  Was on lamactil for about 3 months and got off it.  Very bad withdrawal from Lamactil.


Had so much trouble and so dysfunctional that in desparation I found a new doctor, who returned to me to ativan at 8 mgs.  Caused very severe withdrawal for about 6-10 months.  That whole time I was still tapering.


I am now on .875 mg Ativan.


Would just like to be here for support as my withdrawals started in March 2012 and I have been tapering ever since.



I have been on many drugs, mainly for short periods of time, with the exception of ativan and zoloft.  I was on a low dose of zoloft for the past year but c/t it in June of 2013.


I am only on Ativan now.


Hello, and I look forward to being here.

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Hi Hummingbird

Welcome to the forum ..I have also started tapering Ativan,

having made my first cut about 10 days ago.

The WD I am experiencing are strong, so I am on hold, waiting to stabilize.

I wonder what type of method are you using to taper, by what percentage,

and how often do you make a cut ..

Thank you so much ..

Hoping we can learn from each other ..

Wishing you well,


I am tapering Lorazepam, and my daily dose is 1.125 mgs.

I followed a long hold for 5 months, ( Nov-March 2019) hoping to find some stability, 

but it did not work. So I resumed my taper and hold pattern.
For the last 3 years, I have been using a daily microtaper, cutting .001mgs per day, with holds as needed.
Symptoms are head pressure, labored breathing, palpitations, abrupt surges of dizziness, this being my worst symptom for now, internal tremors, my latest nemesis, unsteadiness, anxiety, plus many other symptoms that cycle in, and cycle out consistently. Not a day passes, without grief :(

I take no other meds.

January 2013 - 15 day quick taper off 10 mgs of Lexapro, and 25 mgs of Sertraline,

at a detox clinic.

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Welcome, Hummingbird.


You may wish to visit this private forum area http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/forum/29-members-only-benzo-tapering-discussion/

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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