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Acceptance, Meditation, Be


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There is the Be. And there is the Desire. The Be is what is. The Desire is what you want the Be to be. It is a tension you create because you want the Be to be something else. Refusal of what is, and Desire of what is not. This is Resistance.Desire/Resistance creates a tension because it makes you live in two different places: What is, and what you would like to be. In fact when you resist, you live only in what you would like to be. But as you lie in the present, because you are the present (You are the one who is, You are God), this paradox creates a tension because it makes you separate from the be, which is what is and who you are, which is the same thing  Here comes Suffering. Separation from the Be is the mother of Suffering. it is also the mother of Powerlessness and prevents Love, because it is the negation of who you are. It is the negation of God.


To stop suffering, to become Power and Love, to become God, to be in the Be, that is to say, simply to Be, you must stop desiring. 

This is Acceptance. But there is a trick:


Acceptance is not something. It is the contrary of something. Acceptance does not consist in doing something. Acceptance consists in not doing something. Acceptance is, not doing something. Acceptance is the absence of desire, thus separation, thus negation. Acceptance is the Be. You cannot do the Be. You can just be the Be. Therefore, acceptance cannot be achieved by the Do. Acceptance cannot be achieved. It can only be.


Why? Because when you try to achieve Acceptance, you separate because you try to make something be, and thus creates a tension between what you try to make be and what is, when acceptance is the absence of tension and separation. This is the trick. To be Acceptance you must stop desiring it


I tell you, there is nothing to do. There is just to be. Stop desiring, stop trying, and you will be God, you will be.

This is true meditation. Meditation is not a workout. It is a style of being. It is simply being God. It is to be.

First AD -sertraline- in 2007at the age of 13 because of child abuse

2009-2013: intricate story of multiple wds, meds and cts, gradually became a living mess

Feb 2013: last CT from a cocktail of four drugs, symptoms are relenting but witness a constant sharpening of the brain


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I said BS about meditation. What I meant is that the state of wholeness and connection of meditation should be a constant state of being.. But it cannot be as intense as in meditation, of course, and meditating can be a good way to gradually get it, I guess. In fact, I should not have compared them, it was an error. Talking about power and love and becoming god may have been awkward, because god traditionnaly refers to a superior being. It is about becoming the god you are, the incarnation of the source you are, not a superior being. There is no superior being nor inferior being, these are ways of thinking pertaining to duailty that must be transcended. Comparison is very harmful. 

First AD -sertraline- in 2007at the age of 13 because of child abuse

2009-2013: intricate story of multiple wds, meds and cts, gradually became a living mess

Feb 2013: last CT from a cocktail of four drugs, symptoms are relenting but witness a constant sharpening of the brain


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I like this thread. The ideas put forth here might be at the very core of all of our problems with antidepressant drugs.

If you think about it, all of us got on drugs because of our lack of acceptance. We are having a hard time getting off these drugs because of our lack of acceptance.


Let's face it: modern society, modern civilized cultures, even going back several hundred years now, has been pretty neurotic.


We've drifted away from spirituality and connectedness to the earth, and we've drifted towards vanity and materialism and the quest for power. We are scared, And one of the things we are scared of is our own feelings.


We live in a feeling phobic society. Its not okay to cry, for instance. Antidepressant drugs were created to keep us from feeling our own lives.


Something in our culture tells us that we don't need to feel grief, we don't need to feel pain, we don't need to feel anger, there should be a pill to keep us from feeling any of these "negative" things. So somebody made one.


This is wrong.


Life, unfortunately, contains pain, anger, sadness (but curiously not depression. Depression is the result of our resisting these feelings)


I would like to postulate here that if we, as a culture, as a race of human beings, could only feel our feelings, give ourselves permission to feel our feelings, quit resisting the feelings that we are scared of, such as fear and sadness, we wouldn't need antidepressants.


We resist the pain of life by using antidepressants as a crutch.


Then we refuse to go through the feelings that withdrawal brings about and our suffering is amplified strictly because of our resistance to truly feeling what we believe we do not have to feel.


If we truly had the guts to feel these feelings, really feel them in our bodies, let them wash through our bodies, we would come out the other side and be totally free of the "negative" feelings.


Modern culture has brainwashed us all to believe that we don't need to feel pain in life. We are taught that if we buy a new car or a new wardrobe or a new house or new toothpaste or get a new lover all these bad feelings will go away.


Now there's a pill to fix even pain. Take that pill and you make a deal with the devil.


What you resist persists, As we resist pain and we resist sadness with our antidepressants we end up with a world of woe and pain ironically just because we resist it.


The Buddhists are the only tribe I know that has figured this out. They know there's nothing to do, one only needs to be.

14 years on Paxil 5mg (prescribed as an antidote for CFS symptoms (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

It worked great for bringing me back to life, and I got over the CFS.

Never could quit Paxil.

Tried it in 30 days, too abrupt, unsupervised.

Had One Bad Year on nothing at all,  (figured I needed to tough it out)

couldn't stand it any longer after a year.

Got back on Lexapro this time, 2.5mg 

That's worked for the last 3 years,

Would like to be free of it,

so am planning a taper. 

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All very well said, Boomer, thank you.

3 Years 150 mgs Effexor

2 month taper down to zero

3 terrible weeks at zero

Back up to 75 mgs

2 months at 75

6 or so months back to regular dose of 150 - was able to restabilize fine.

3 month taper back to zero

1 HORRENDOUS week at zero

2 days back up to 37.5

3 days back up to 75

One week at 150 - unable to stabilize.

Back down to 75 mgs

At 75 mgs (half original dose) and suffering withdrawal symptoms since October 2012.


"It is a radical cure for all pessimism to become ill, to remain ill for a good while, and then grow well for a still longer period." - Nietzsche

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This is a great topic!


For me Zen has helped the growth of acceptance and appreciation for all aspects of life and death. I listen to Alan Watts lectures in my sleep and while awake. It helps me to be in the present and enjoy the contrast of experience.

Black implies white, Self implies other. death implies life.

Listening to him has also helped me define what role I want to play in social situations. To step back and view the actions of others and my own actions as part of the infinite variables of the universe.


Changing the way I think about the world has helped ease the trauma of watching a friend die in a tragic accident.


I can't get enough Hinduism/Buddhism.

Prescribed Various SSRI's in 2009. Fluoxetine 10mg - 1 Month. Switch to Venlafaxine 75-150mg for 3-5 months. Switch to Sertraline 50-100mg for 6-9 months. Then taper.

Clonazepam 0.5mg for 1 month, as I switched from Venlafaxine to Sertraline.

About 3 months of Sertraline with no improvement, Risperidone was added @ 0.5-1.5mg for one month with 100mg Sertraline. (Causing my only suicide attempt, I was not me.)


Sudden stop of Risperidone. A self-taper, removing Sertraline XR beads from 100mg capsules, over 5-9 months. Which I would consider too hasty, in retrospect. Recovered from medication side effects!

My success story: 


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