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Allergies, sneezing, stuffed up, nose, sinus - antihistamines and what to use for allergy relief

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Will the regular use of anti-histamines create drug withdrawal problems like anti-depressants do? Since they are somewhat related in their action, I would think it might be possible. 

Also, that would make the regular use of  ANY anti-histamine a bad thing when you’re already regularly on an anti-depressant, right?


Overall, during the almost 20 years I’ve been on antidepressants, I have not had many problems in the way of allergies. I developed more serious post nasal drip/drainage after moving to Los Angeles from Texas, and in the last year or so I have started sneezing more often, but still not “a lot”. 

I am now wondering if the antidepressant use when I was stable was preventing allergies from showing symptoms in me.

My doctor might want me to start taking  something like OTC Claritin every day to help reduce my allergy symptoms—extra drainage, sneezing— but I will be hesitant to agree knowing that there might be some kind of interaction between the antihistamine and the antidepressant. 


I wouldn’t consider my allergies bad at this point. They are not making me feel horrible, I just mainly have a considerable amount of drainage and a couple/few sneezes every couple days. 


Also currently only on 1/1.5/2 mg Cymbalta-Duloxetine while I try to reinstate. 


I am wondering if adding Vitamin C to my daily regimen of Vitamin D and Cymbalta would help with my immune system and be worth it? 

Or does anybody have any experience taking a multivitamin that was beneficial?

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45 minutes ago, DavidfromTexas said:

I am wondering if adding Vitamin C to my daily regimen of Vitamin D


There are topics on these.

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