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AS I have shared I am in Al-Anon and have been for 16 years.


There is another 12 Step Support group for Adult children of Alcoholics and/or Dysfunctional Families


Alot of people in AA and Al-Anon attend these meetings.  I did not grow up in an alcohol8c Home but I did have a very dysfunctional family of origin, particularly my mother.


Being that she is old and I am the only child here I have daily contact with her, mostly the phone.  Before she had a home health aide it was person-to-person.


As a result all of my childhood stuff has and keeps cropping up.  I felt like I was going to lose my mind.  It was painful an haunting.  So in a hurry on Sunday morning I ran to this meeting. I made tremendous similarities and that it is possible to heal.


This crossover is difficult because I think I tapered to fast from Celexa so  am having tremendous emotional issue and neuro-emotions :(


I purchased the literature, and have been reading and journaling, etc.  there is a 12 step workbook.


This stuff has neenbothering me for my whole life.  Sometimes I find acceptance, forgiveness and just keep moving on, and now I can't.  I am hoping this may put alot of pain to rest and see how it is affecting me now.


Lat night I was reading and started to see that my issues with anxiety or the probable root/cause to it started when I was very little.  Maybe this will heal.  Iam not comfortable with my mother and never have been,  she is like a loose cannon, has no discretion and I have lived in a state of hypervigilence around her which is anxiety.


I need to stick with it to recover.  I a also trying to switch over to another medication and leave celexa and imipramine in the dust in an attempt to control AM anxiety.  I made the usual mistake of being in a hurry and dropped alot of Celexa too fast.  Not feeling well.


If you are interested you can google the site. All of these support Al0Anon ACOA NA SA Co-dependents Annonyous, are all offshoots of AA and use the 12 steps, meetings, sponsors, etc.

For me Al-Anon was a life saver and I am hoping I an finally have the courage to get to my Core Issues with ACOA.



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I had lunch with two good friends today and their suggestion which I am going to take is to stabilize on the meds first and then go digging into the past.


The past can be pretty painful and maybe now is not the time.  I thought about it alot this afternoon and have decided to put a hold on the meetings for now...try to stay in the present and imagine a better tomorrow.


I had alot of awareness's in the three week I have attended.  My problems with anxiety started a long, long time ago.


I really like support groups.  Where would we be without them?

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