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Tips for tapering off mirtazapine (Remeron)

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On 1/19/2018 at 3:01 PM, Abilifyneedhelp88 said:

Hi Samantha,


I successfully tapered off Remeron 15mg three years ago. What i did was an olive oil base with pulverized remeron tablets.  The person I got info on for the recipe was Roy Katz who is a compound pharmacist.  I could not get a dr to agree with me to write the prescription for liquid so I made the liquid myself and decreased 1mg at  a time over several weeks. I think it took me a good 6 months to get off totally. But you should contact Roy and get the recipe for the liquid titration method. He is more than willing to talk with you about concocting your own. Google Roy Katz and give him a call to get the right amount of Remeron per mg of Olive oil. it is a liquid suspension and you can get an even amount of Remeron using a syringe. Hope this helps and Good luck with your taper. I do not suggest cutting them in half  or even cutting them at all. I got a pestle and bowl and pulverized them and then put them in the olive oil , then measured out the right mg with a syringe and took it that way. Do not try to get off this fast. Its a slow drawn out taper designed to give you as little side effects as possible..


On 1/19/2018 at 3:09 PM, samanthaelizabeth said:

How much Olive Oil?



On 1/19/2018 at 6:27 PM, Terry said:


People do just fine making a suspension with Remeron and water -- see the first post in this topic.

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