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How much $$$ could be made if everyone had to take a pill for sex?


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Big Pharma has redefined our sexuality. In much the same way as they have taken the subjective condition of HAPPYNESS" and converted it into treatable diseases such as depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder ... they have with doctor's on their payroll created FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION.


Liz Canners film Orgasm Inc. is the product of her 9 year odyssey documenting the efforts of Big Pharma to define Female Sexual Dysfunction and with Madison Avenue to sell it to us. It is currently being screened around the world - look and see if it will be available near you - screening schedule.


[Here is an interview with Liz Canner -- 19 minutes but it's worth it]




As compared to male sexual dysfunction which is largely due to aging organs, female sexual dysfunction FSD is in almost all cases completely subjective. This is exactly the type of condition that big Pharma can exploit well because all the studies to support the FDA approvals, their marketing to the medical community and their direct to consumer advertising will be based on completely subjective data and a completely emotional response by the consumer.


Big Pharma has proven that they can make normal healthy women feel inadequately happy resulting in the over prescription of antidepressants to women. Now they have an opportunity to make women feel sensuously inadequate and based on their experience with antidepressants, they can take this inadequacy to the bank. Big Pharma and their paid consultant doctor's have determined that 46% of all women suffer from SFD. If you were a big Pharma marketeer and compare this proportion of womankind to the meager 12% of men who have erectile dysfunction you would dance with joy to the ring of the cash register.


Here is the the trailer - I recommend that you watch it. It is a wonderful case study about how big Pharma works.



NBC Miami wrote a fabulous essay that you should read here


We women need to love ourselves, love one and other and love our men, partners, families and the people in our lives, and just get out and live and we will feel better than any pill ever will make us feel.


Love with a lover by its definition will not need a pill to produce the thrill, passion and emotional connection.


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