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gerryaustria -- off MDMA, trying metformin for brain repair


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This is my first post, my name is Gerry, 22 years old from Austria, Europe.


I have similar issues like some of you (no libido, no arousal, etc.) but not directly from prescripted antidepressants, but a drug called MDMA which is the active agent of ecstasy, ( I abused it for approximately half a year) ….. I’m off for 2 years now.


It has the same effect like a SSRI, so I think I am right in this forum.


I looked up for things that repair neurons and brain cells in the brain or build new ones.


And I found METFORMIN.


Metformin is one of the few substances that triggers neurogenesis and therefore repairs damaged and grows new braincells.


Here is a link:



Here is another one:http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/wfpfeatured/diabetes-drug-triggers-neuron-growth-potential-to-regenerate-brain-cells-study-161446395.html?device=mobile&utm_source=wfp&utm_medium=nextArticleDirect&utm_campaign=/wfpfeatured


(When you google: “metformin brain repair” you will found a lot of this reports, which give me a lot of new hope)


Metformin is a diabetes-type-2 drug… You will probably think, is it safe to take a diabetes drug for a non-diabetic?

I think so, because Metformin is mild and you can't fall into hypo glycaemia (too low blood sugar) which could be dangerous.


More information about Metformin and its side effects here:



This drug is also used from people to lose weight, it has anticancerogenic effects  and has life-extending abilities.


I will give Metformin a try, with the lowest dose at 500mg per day. (dosage reaches from 500 mg to 2000 mg)


Yesterday I did one and today I did one, no side effects so far.


So what do you think about this? Could Metformin possibly help us?

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Dr. Phelps talks about Metformin in relation to mental health here http://www.psycheducation.org/hormones/Insulin/metformin.htm


long time ago I was too afraid of medications and tried metformin instead, for depression. didn't help me at that time.


right now I think greater brain repair could be done with good, vitamine-rich diet, such as paleo diet for example.

in 2002- 0,5 tablet cipramil for half a year, ended it uneventfully. in 2006 - citalopram for half a year, ended in horrific state, ditched the drugs CT. 2007-2008 not feeling well but drug free. in 2008 prozac 20mg + quetiapine 25mg. 2009 tried to stop, ended up in hole after couple of months, started zoloft. 2009-2011 zoloft 50mg. went to 25mg in 2011 summer, it resulted in half a year horrible suffering. reinstated, changed drugs, nothing happened. by 2012 beginning suddenly felt great and CT meds. after 4 months came suddenly most horrible human suffering that's possible. was started on prozac and questiapine. started tapering slowly, GFCF diet and Hardy Nutritionals vitamins in 2013 summer. 

current medications: 1) fluoxetine and quetiapine since Aug 2012; 2) Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals 7 capsules / since May 2013 + omega3; 3) Gluten-free-casein-free diet since june 2013

Started withdrawing slowly since april 2013. Mostly around 10% cuts. 

April'13 - March'14: fluoxetine 40mg -> 19,5mg; quetiapine 50mg -> 40mg
April'14-March'15: fluoxetine 19,5mg -> 14,4mg; quetiapine 40mg -> 22mg

April'15-March'16: fluoxetine 14,4mg -> 7,4mg; quetiapine 22mg -> 15mg

April'16-March'17: fluoxetine 7,4mg -> 5,0mg; quetiapine 15mg -> 7,25mg

April'17-March'18: fluoxetine 5,0mg -> 4,0mg; quetiapine 7,25mg -> 0 (as of 1st Feb 2018)!!!!

April´18-March´19: fluoxetine 4,0mg - > 2,3mg. Jumped off fluoxetine 1,4mg due to pregnancy in July 2019. Oct 2019 severe withdrawal syndrome started.

Took mistakenly a complex for hormonal support that included pregnenolone dec2019-april2020. Stopped it april 2020 and immediately severe akathisia started. Have had life threatening akathisia since, 100% disabled, suicidal, very hard to hold on. 


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Welcome, gerryaustria.


I've moved your topic to the Intro forum to act as your introduction. You can update this topic to record your progress.


MDMA is a serotonergic. Adverse effects can be similar to those of serotonergic psychiatric drugs.


See our discussion of metformin here http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/5248-metformin-as-a-psychiatric-treatment/?hl=metformin

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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