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Ketogenic Diet

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Hi Meimeiquest...I saw this thread and I'm curious.  I experienced an adverse reaction to fluoxetine in January and am still suffering from multiple issues.  My primary care recommended a "reset" through clean-eating and suggested a modified keto diet.  


Are you aware of any member who has had success with the ketogenic diet?


Thank you,


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I have done keto and am planning to go back to it. It does require careful planning, but it wasn't that difficult - it's real food and the food is tasty. There are low carb friendly dietitians if you want some help. The hardest thing was social - birthday cakes etc.


There's lots of information online. Check out: https://www.dietdoctor.com/ He's a medical doctor, if I recall correctly. Lots of free info and recipes.


I felt well on it. You've inspired me! Back to it!

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