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vitamins/minerals that heal the nervous system


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omega 3, magnesium, and I heard B vitamins are good for the nervous system too. are there others that particularly calm and stabilize the nervous system? and heal too of course.


there are alternatives to magnesium supplements like Epsom salts and magnesium oil to absorb through the skin. are there alternatives like this with the other nutrients?

I don't get a lot from food because of extreme food sensitivities and I'm afraid to take supplements for the same reason. but absorbing it through the skin is gentler.


Zinc normalizes brain function. I have this brain problem caused by a benzo that makes my mind unstable and brings uncontrollable evil words/statements in my mind. it's unbearable and my extreme food snsitivities make it worse so I desperately need more zinc too. are there alternatives for zinc too? 

March 2008 took Tofranil and Klonopin

CT'd Tofranil after few months

simultaneously tapered fast Klonopin, got off it October 2008

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See http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/606-important-topics-about-tests-supplements-herbs-treatments/

and the pinned topics at the top of this forum, and about 40 topics in this forum.

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