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Eva: struggling after 20+ years Prozac and now without.


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Hi Alto I started at 10 mg. and stayed on that dose for 4 weeks. It lessened the panic and anxiety a little but not enough and i stil have the nightly jerking and waves of panic if `i don't take flurazepam for the night. I upped the prozac to 15 mg. five days ago, it made the anxiety flare up again for the first few days but today I felt better. I will stay on the 15 mg. for at least another 4 weeks, to see what happens. In the meantime I will try a slow taper of the flurazepam, while staying in contact witj my GP and my psychotherapist.

I am sad to be on meds again, after a whole yaer without any meds at all... but I felt it was the lesser of two evils, the other evil being having to go to a psych ward and not being able to take care of my family anymore.

1990-2013: prozac, 40 mg. daily

2013: st. Johnswort, 3 x 300 mg. daily

tapered st. Johnswort, now off it.

magnesium oil: applied to feet, at night

low dose naltrexone: 3 mg. daily

Taurine 3 x 500 mg.

calcium: 800 mg.


Amino acids complex

Ashwaganda, 2 x 450 mg.

August 2014: stopped supplements, reinstated prozac, first 10 mg., now 15 mg. , for severe anxiety and panic and total insomnia.


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