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adrenal extract supplement, does anyone have experience with it?


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Hi all,


I guess the adrenals are involved in a lot of the stress and things we are going through here. Now someone advised my to buy and take Nutr-meds Adrenal cortex. Has anyone here used this, or similar stuff? I am a bit scared of taking hormonal supplements... might just mess things up more. Anyone have thoughst on this?

1990-2013: prozac, 40 mg. daily

2013: st. Johnswort, 3 x 300 mg. daily

tapered st. Johnswort, now off it.

magnesium oil: applied to feet, at night

low dose naltrexone: 3 mg. daily

Taurine 3 x 500 mg.

calcium: 800 mg.


Amino acids complex

Ashwaganda, 2 x 450 mg.

August 2014: stopped supplements, reinstated prozac, first 10 mg., now 15 mg. , for severe anxiety and panic and total insomnia.


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If you have anxiety, panic, agitation, nervousness, or disrupted sleep, do not take anything to stimulate the adrenals. They are already working overtime.


Much of what you read about alternative treatments will not apply if you are suffering from withdrawal. Withdrawal syndrome makes your nervous system hypersensitive. Be very cautious about herbs and supplements of any type.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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