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Lecithin / phosphatidylcholine

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Hey guys!


I went to see a new psychologist who is also a nutritionist who also used to work in a mental health facility and in the pharma industry who owns a local healthstore and sees patients at his store. My goal was to have a 'plan' in place once i'm completely weaned off of my citalopram.

He also has a heart math machine in his office and is a 'heart math trainer' - if you've seen the documentary "I AM" the star of the movie goes to this heart math headquarters.


Anyway, I'm going to start taking this Choline-he advises me against anything St John's Wort/5-htp related because based on how i reacted to both AD's, serotonin may not be my issue, in fact it may be too stimulating. I never heard of this but the more I look into it, it sounds like it reacts to a different neurotransmitter that is more focused on anxiety/racing thoughts/obsessive processing that is my main issue. It's amazing that this man got to know me more in an hour than my psychiatrist who hands out pills like they're candy.



The next step is to wean off of my diazepam and replace it with L-Theanine but I may start that once i'm done with citalopram although he said I could start tonight. (instead of my 5 mg, take 2.5 mg and 2 L-theanine) but i'm not sure i'm ready for that yet.

Here's info on the heartmath - i'm going to do 2 weeks of training on that with him after i'm done weaning off citalopram.



let me know what you guys think!

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Hi all.


So i have befriended a women who's son has been having epileptic fits, 200 times a week for 15 years. No conventional treatment has helped, nothing, nada.


She detoxed him on an organic diet, incorporating Cannabis Oil. He has not had a single seizure in 23 months.


This women recently started up a medicinal food program here in NZ and i told her my story.  She gives her son a few tablespoons of sunflower lecithin most days and if he is shaky at it, it calms him. She says it is to heal his Central Nervous System.


She has told me i should really consider taking it, and ill give it a go as I am stable enough with my WD process. 


I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into the product? From what i can find online, it is very good for the CNS. 



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I believe the active ingredient is phosphatidylserine? Is that right? There might be more discussion on that

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