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Another form of prayer

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With Lent starting tomorrow & the practice of offering things up for lent I was reminded of a form of prayer that has been very useful for me. It is basically the old "offering it up". When we were unhappy with something as kids my parents & family used to say offer it up! Well, this has some very practical uses. If anyone is unfamiliar with the practice- what you do is say if you are having anxiety you give it to God and ask him to join it with Jesus' passion and death and then you offer it for an intention. I always offer it for someone I love that may be going through a rough time. This practice has been suggested by saints & mystics down through the ages. This was an enormous help to me when I had to have both my legs amputated, and while I've gone through all of this drug business.  Doing this gives a good purpose to our pain. It's not just wasted pain- it is being used for someone we love. That has made all the difference for me psychologically. Hugs & prayers to all of you.

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