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hankkoning Getting of Antidepressants if you suffer from IBS


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About 2 years I tested positive (again) for Blastocystis Hominis parasites. I was prescribed Septra and on the third day after taking the first 5 pills I suddenly became

suicidal depressed and anxious so I stopped immediately but I guess the damage was done. I was encouraged to go on ADs so ended up finally on Mirtazapine which is the generic version of Remeron. I was told this was to fix the damage and would be temporary but I have tried several times to taper off on to have the depression and anxiety return before getting off completely.  I am reading over and over again that people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or digestion problems often also

have depression.  Even after going on a strict diet for the past 2 years to get my weight back and feel a bit better after eating, I still have days or weeks when

I don't feel well.  Is it even possible to wean myself off antidepressants as long as I still have stomach problems?   I do not want to take antibiotics again after this

nasty experience so can not do much besides what I am doing with diet to get rid of the IBS.  If anyone has had a similar experience and has gotten off antidepressants

successfully, I would love to hear from you. 

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Welcome to the site hankkoning!

You have found a great place with many kind, caring and very knowledgeable people. I don't have nearly as much experience and knowledge as some of the other members, but someone will be along soon who can give you some advice. Take care.


Jan. 1994 Pamelor

2000 switched to Zoloft 

2011 Zoloft pooped out- Dr. switched me directly to Lexapro15mg -had a horrible 6mths

2013 upped Lexapro to 20 mgs-pooped out

June 2013 Dr. added 150 Wellbutrin to Lexapro.

July 2013 Switched back to Zoloft 100mgs.Was still taking Wellbutrin. Lots of anxiety from the Wellbutrin

July 2013 Started to wean Wellbutrin- off by Sept.

Oct. 2013 added 400 mgs of Neurotin to the Zoloft

Jan 2014 Tapered off of the Zoloft and onto Prozac 30 mgs. Also still taking 400 mgs Neurotin

Feb 2014 Reduced Prozac to 13 mgs. Still taking 400 mgs Neurotin

Aug. 2014 Prozac 13 mgs. Finished with Neurotin. .7 Risperadol


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SSRIs actually often exacerbate IBS...they did mine...I cured my IBS...for me the first step was getting off SSRIs...it was a BIG improvement...


that said, we're all different and I don't know exactly what you need. 


I wrote about my experience with SSRIs and starting to heal my gut here: http://wp.me/p5nnb-OQ


there is quite a lot of info in that and links to more

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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