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1989-2004 low doze Xanax nightly.

2004 w/d in hospital c/t with 3 other meds, (trazadone, phenobarbital, risperdal)

Tapered off those meds in 7 months.

2010- bad anxiety so tried Valium and klonopin, back to hospital, came home on nothing, got much better.

12-23-2013- hospital for anxiety, depression,insomnia...used low dose lamictal 12 days with mitrazapine.

Came home on 15 mg mitrazapine, down to c. 10 mg mitrazapine in c. 3weeks, 7.5 mg in 32 days..

Tapered off mitrazapine March 6, 2014.

Took .75 mg April 20 and 1.05 mg April 21st.

Ended taper March 6, 2014.

Take supplements tho not all daily: fish oil, Vit. C., Vit. D, cal/mag, little multi, mag at night,

Been taking homeopathic remedy since June, 2014 via a Homeopathic M.D. (Trained in psychiatry)1-12, 2018 put on 60 mg cymbalta; 150 lyrica for anxiety and 50 mg trazadone. Tapered of trazadone after 3 months on it and tapered off of lyrica in about 9 months. As of March, 2019, only on 60 mg cymbalta.

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