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Skin issues: hives, acne, dryness, itching etc.


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Thanks! I am debating also just updosing a bit and seeing If I can stablize and wait for a long while

???? To  early April 2021: citalopram 20mg. This was a about 12+years

April 2021: stopped taking citalopram 

6/10/2021 to 6/11/2021: started taking buspirone for anxiety . Got ringing in the ears and insomnia so I stopped

6/16/2021 reinstatement of citalopram at 10mg

8/12/2021: 4.5ml/9mg citalopram 10/11/21 4ml 11/15/21 3.5ml 12/28/2021: 3ml/6mg 1/28/2022 2.5ml/5mg  2mL/4mg 3/6/2022 1.5ml/3mg 4/12/2022  5/31/2022 1ml/2mg  7/31/2022 .5ml/1mg

9/3/2022: .4ml/.8mg citalopram. after a few days got some severe withdrawal so  .45ml/.9mg 9/8/2022 10/6/2022 1mg again .45ml/.9mg 12/9/2022

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