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I actually woke up this morning thinking I’d arrived. I’m well… http://wp.me/p5nnb-aJz


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Mamma earth in action and my big brother


I’m learning plant medicine lately and herbs are seriously helping my healing along now. It’s really revelatory and wonderful. I understand now why shamans etc talk about plant spirits…it truly feels like an intelligence permeating my consciousness with its own…the merging of the different consciousnesses is a synergistic healing experience. Being hypersensitive is actually fun at these times…it’s like I’m tripping all the time (mildly and in a good way)…and it’s all tons of really good, informative data that aids healing and produces insights about life and living in general.


I would not have tolerated any of the herbs I’m using now the first several years after getting off the drugs…and in fact it’s likely I would not have tolerated them six months ago either. Yes, one of the herb teas I’ve been drinking set me off pretty badly about six months ago.


Also to be clear, I feel everything I eat on an energetic level. That is how the hypersensitivity registers in part. So every food, drink I ingest there is an energetic correlate. Nature, exercise etc also affects me this way. The thing is it’s all starting to make sense and not be so overwhelming and the herbs are helping in a huge and lovely way.


I want to make a distinction here too. I don’t really think herbs are supplements…they’re medicine in the truest sense of the word…and I’m making tea…not taking pills.


The herbs I’m ingesting are not taken like allopathic medicine either…it’s not daily popping or ingesting the same thing forever and ever…western medicine is so far removed from this that when people use herbs they often use them within the inflexible and toxic framework of western medicine. That is a shame really.


Herbs are medicine just like food is medicine really…this is mamma earth in action. Mamma earth will nurture all your needs in a most beautiful and gentle way. We need to learn to listen. And just like a good diet when it comes to food, medicinal herbs should not be eaten every single day ad infinitum. Variety and moderation is important in all things. Right timing is also important. Learning to intuitively understand the body and it’s needs is important.


I actually woke up this morning thinking I’d arrived. I’m well…even if still sick in some regards.


Perhaps from the outside looking in I’d be perceived as still ill in many regards. I have many practical limitations. I remain unable to make most commitments that most people take for granted, for example.


But from my standpoint I’m well. I’m in touch with what I need to do to live and thrive and be happy…that is being well as far as I’m concerned. I know what I need and I know what sort of boundaries and limits I need to make for myself. This is good stuff.


It’s my brother’s birthday today. The brother who died a few years ago. I’ve spoken of him on this blog many times because he was the only member of my family who could really see me. He always believed in me. That it’s his birthday today means a lot to me.


This is like a gift from him…what he always knew about me realized. Happy birthday dear brother. I love you always.


Oh, if you’re curious about the herbs I’m using I’ll just say that I’ve so far been mostly inspired by Susun Weed


I did write another post inspired by her a while back: Menopause can be a magical time of growth and transformation (reframing may be necessary)


I always use the internet liberally as well when I’m learning new things (google is your friend). I’m hoping to read some other books too. This one specifically for starters: Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants


ORIGINAL POSTING http://wp.me/p5nnb-aJz

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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