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Limbic Kindling -- Hardwiring the brain for hypersensitivity

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I was kindled with reinstatement for 5 months, bed ridden and force fed. Does that mean I'll never heal from such a long exposure and because of how bed ridden I was. I could eat or drink or speak, the doctors kept moving my dose up telling me this what happens when you stop, but I new I felt poisoned. Seems like people who get kindled, don't really heal ????

8 years lexapro.

July-September 5mg

Sep-October alternate days (kindled) anxiety returned

November-march reinstatement (adverse reaction) bed ridden for 5 months.

Stopped April, felt I had no choice, felt poisoned.

27 years old, mummy of 3.

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you can heal. I was bedridden for over 2 years and nonverbal for a couple as well.  I couldn't leave the house much for about 5 years. We all heal...on our own timetables in our own ways. Most of us get "kindled" and most of us think we'll never heal and we all do...how we do it varies greatly. 

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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Hi Jamieandlexapro, I am sorry that you are feeling so discouraged. Do you mind my asking what you read that said people who have experienced kindling don't heal? I am going through this as well, I think. Thanks for any information.

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