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My Father-in-Law

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I am new to this forum, but not new to the struggle.  I have been on and off ADs for 13 years and currently trying to stabilize on Zoloft before tapering.  But I already have a thread about that.  This one is regarding my father-in-law.


He is in his fifties, and he is overmedicated.  I do not know his specifics, such as when he started taking meds, and what he has been taking.  I know he has been switching a lot lately… but it's really bad.  He just sits in his chair all day staring at the tv and sleeping.  Doesn't talk to anyone.  Doesn't get up except to get food.  When you talk to him he just stares at you.  He didn't used to be like this at all.  He used to be normal until about two years ago.  That's when he started going downhill.  


His wife (my mother-in-law) gets frustrated and freaked out and yells at him all the time because he does nothing around the house.  They built this nice new house in the country to retire to and had all these plans of having farm animals, building onto the house, etc… but now he sleeps in the chair all day.  I haven't seen a smile on his face in years.  But they both work in the medical field and believe everything their psychiatrist tells them.  The mother-in-law thinks he is being lazy because the Pdoc said "drugs will only take you so far, you have to motivate yourself to get better." 


I have NEVER confronted them about any of this.  I feel like since I have gone through a similar scenario, and am not better yet, I'm in no position to interject with my opinion.  But it honestly freaks me out whenever we visit because I see him and know I could end up like that if I follow the Pdoc's opinion.  


What should I do, if anything, to interject?  I want to say something so bad...

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I think the best person to start dealing with this is your wife (other children) and maybe she and you together. She needs to get information/details about meds and diagnosis. She need to sit down with her mother/father and really talk about this. She need to tell about her worries and demand to be a part of what is happening to her dad.


It is usually not productive to confront mother/father-in-laws yourself about anything. The way our cultures are wired son-in-laws can be oh so nice to order about, dish out old "wisdom" to, use for their knowledge about modern stuff or a trade, but it does not work the other way around.


Before getting more detail about your father-in-laws meds and diagnosis there is not much in the way of counsel I or any one else can give to you.

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Completely agree. 

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