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stranger7 new to drug treatment for anxiety


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Hi, I have had muscle cramps & tightness for many years but recently things have gotten worse because of what I think is, anxiety.


I don't feel depressed, hardly ever, but from time to time, due to an extremely stressful job, I feel very stressed and then, even when I am no longer stressed, get feelings of not being able to breathe properly, tight throat muscles/neck Sometimes I may get night sweats. I've been told it is anxiety and my mother also suffered from anxiety for a period of time (but not with the exact same symptoms).

I haven't really felt like I've had a panic attack, so to speak, but have had quite stressful periods in my life where I do panic and can find it disturbing.


I'm now looking to find a new job & to get out of the stressful environment, but don't want to have to wait on that to make myself feel better.


None of the symptoms bothered me enough to want to seek some sort of immediate intervention, until now that it is affecting my throat, I'm finding I have a deeper voice and I think its as my throat is narrower. I don't like this. I do occasionally smoke but have cut it down and never smoked excessively previously (usually 1-4 a day, now even less). I've seen my doctor who suggested I take SSRI's at 50mg a day and report back to him in a month. I have tried some natural treatments but nothing seems to have worked so I thought I should at least give it a shot for a short period. I certainly don't want this to be apart of my life for good and regardless of what the doctor says I won't stick to it for good.


I don't think I'll be addicted to it but my only real concern is whether there are any other unknown risks as I've heard sometimes this can trigger autoimmune diseases?


If I take it for say, a few months, (perhaps until I am able to find new work and get out of the stressful environment), what are the chances of something negative occurring, other than the known side affects?



I haven't started taking them but have been advised to start on them right away. I'm first asking around and doing as much of my own research before committing to it. Any help is much appreciated.


Kind regards.

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not sure if i posted this in the right place, if so, I'm very sorry, and would appreciate it being referred to the right place.

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Hi stranger7. I would say, as I'm sure everyone on this board would, DONT TAKE THEM!!!! Please don't.


Have you looked into The Linden Method? It's great for anxiety. I had anxiety a few years back and did the linden method. I completely recovered. I'm not a great advert for it now but what I'm currently dealing with is a completely different kettle of fish and is all medication induced.


I'm glad you came here..you may have just saved yourself a lot of problems.


Please look into the linden method. It could really help you.

The only way out is through.


Aug 2013 - Augmentin leading to akathisia

Sept-Nov 2013 - Citalopram 20mg, severe reaction, off at 5mg. Valium 4mg, prn

Oct 2013 - 5 zopiclone tablets, 7.5mg

End Nov 2013-end Feb 2014, Seroquel, top dose 150mg, off at 25mg

End Nov 2013-early march 2014, Zoloft 100mg top dose, off at 25mg

End Dec-2013-early April 2014, lorazepam 1mg prn

April 3rd 2014 zoloft 5mg for a few days. 18/4/14 - zoloft, 1mg. Came off at 0.35 mg,14th June 2014

29 June 2014 - 1mg lorazepam, last ever

29 June 2014 - med free

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stranger7, you might find you can relieve these symptoms with some lifestyle changes.


As we get older, flaws in diet start taking a toll, resulting in symptoms such as you describe. Many people do better with fish oil and magnesium supplements, see


In your case, you might also want to take a little potassium also, that can help muscle problems in the legs.


Do you eat a variety of fresh vegetables? Are you getting regular exercise?


Are you taking a drug that blocks stomach acid, by any chance? Those can leach the body of crucial B vitamins.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Hi Stranger7.


I'm not on any ADs myself, and I certainly would advise that you avoid them after belonging to SA here myself for awhile and reading all that i have read.


After reading your initial statement, I am not absolutely clear if you mean that you know your throat is narrower than it was or should be or if you feel that this has happened to you recently.


In any event, I'm just going to advise you to have your throat checked by an ENT for possible narrowing. And I am referring to your trachea. I experienced a similar situation with not being able to breathe, and it did cause me anxiety, but was not blamed on anxiety.


My problem was a type of auto immune disease known as tracheal stenosis where the trachea does become narrowed due to growth of hyperplasic/hypertrophic tissue growing within the trachea. And my voice was not affected because my closure was below my vocal chords, and thus it was termed sub-glottic stenosis.


At the time this happened to me, there was not a lot of information on the Internet about it as it was 1998, but now you can easily google "tracheal stenosis" and read much about it. I would not ordinarily comment on anyone contemplating ADs as I am mainly a benzo member here, but when I read your statements involving breathing, narrowed throat, and voice changes, it catches my eye, and I think it worth checking out with a qualified physician.



On Xanax 10 years for anxiety, 2 mgs, night only. Attempted my own taper w/o understanding the dependency issues.


Researched and then understood the need for longer half life med. Doctor crossed me from X to klonopin 4 times in 6 months. Last time on X, she up dosed me to 3 mgs X.


On last cross attempt, ended up in ER with profound w/d sx from X. Got new doctor. Final cross to K, structured, slow was completed 6/5/12-12/5/12.


Attempting liquid micro taper from K. Difficulty with micro cuts; significant w/d sx requiring several weeks of holding after each cut. Also concerned if it's possible to use pill/liquid combo for dosing.


Hope I Meet Other Benzo Taperers Here! I have tried ADs in past. Could not tolerate them, gave up trying, none for over 12 years.

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your help.


I have not taken the drugs yet and decided I will stick with my St Jon's Wort herbal supplement for a little longer (I don't believe I gave it enough time in the first place), and I'll see how that treats me.


I've felt slightly better recently in fact, but to be honest with you my anxiety is almost completely related to my work. The fact that I have had to deal with a great deal amount of extra work than usual is the main reason and things are in fact starting to get a bit better day by day.


Its however completely possible that at any time I will be given a highly stressful piece of work which again can impact my health.


Winningthrough: I'll check out this Linden method, thanks.


Altostrata: My diet is relatively quite good, I have a good range of protein & nutritional food which I usually eat.

I think my issue is that I stress so much sometimes that this also depletes these nutrients and my body also does not absorb them very well. I have been taking a nutritional supplement for the last couple of months or so, which has potassium & magnesium, to ensure my levels of these are higher. I also take Vit D tablets as I am a little low on VitD. Fish oil I do take as well but less common and I hope to increase it.


As for drugs, I take no drugs or meds at present, the odd panadol if my headache is just overwhelmingly painful due to the tension that's about it.

Exercise is lacking, but my stress takes over and causes me to not want to exercise. I need to try and break out of this.


Thanks again everyone, your contributions have helped and I wish you all well.


Kind regards,


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Marie: Thanks to you too, I did not know about tracheal stenosis and its worth reading up on it.


My throat feels a bit better but I think I will get it checked by an ENT as you say, just to be safe and if there is something like that perhaps I can try do something about it.




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How old are you? Perimrnopause/menopause can cause some of this, especially dince you mentioned night sweats. Have you looked into this?

12 years on paxil, just starting to wean. Was at 32.5, now at 30 for one week.

Was on prozac ten years prior.

Also been on klonopin for 25 years or so.


I was on trazadone for a year, been off a year now. Trazadone gave me unbearable chest and stomach pains, which disapoeared once I was off. So when chest and stomach pains came back I realized the drugs were doing me in.


I was on vicodin a long time too, but off now. Donna

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How old are you? Perimrnopause/menopause can cause some of this, especially dince you mentioned night sweats. Have you looked into this?

I absolutely agree. 


It is pretty rough stuff for some. 

atavan PRN ,Paxil approx 20 yrs ago for major depression
Switched to Klonopin PRN through to current
Paxil wore out
Changed to Effexor 
Depakote added
enormous weight gain - flat affect - led to depression - dropped depakote
Dropped Effexor, changed to Paxil 
PDoc added mixed salts amphetamines for ADHD - took for 2 yrs - was ok at first but had to cut as symptoms too intense -  then the crash was too much. STOPPED
Vyvanse started in 2013 (APRIL) - more smooth than IR amphetamine tabs---Have not used vyvanse daily in full amt since May 2013 

Paxil CT withdrawal 10/2012  :wacko:  Klonopin CT WD

Switched Klonopin to Xanax prn  - too strong

WD CT from XANAX after taking for a while - it was awful but can be done if you hold on!

Back to Klonopin PRN - working very hard to avoid taking it at all. 

Effexor 37.5 started 02/2013, 75mg by 03/2013, 150mg by 05/2012 (approx)  :blush:

Effexor 150mg 3/10/2014 Microtaper -3beads  :unsure:

3/11/2014-4beads ,3/12/14 - 5, 3/13/14 -6, 3/15/14 - 7, 3/18 - 8, 3/22 - 10, 3/24 - 12, 4/6 - 13, 4/7 - 14, 4/11 - 16 - on 4/19 ran out of brand took generic. Bad move. Back on brand on 4/20 and updosed 2 beads. 5/1 - 15, 5/6 - 16, 5/9 -17, 55/10 -17, 5/15 -18, 5/21 -19, 5/24 -20, 6/3 - 21, 6/6 -23, 6/13 -24,6/19- 25, 6/21 -26, 6/25 -27

6/28 -28, 6/29 -30, 7/3 -34, 7/8 -35, 7/17 -36, 7/30 -41,7/31 -42, 8/2 -43, 8/3 -44, 8/5 -45, 8/14 -48, 8/26-50, 9/24 -53, 10/24 -55, 12/1 -57, (lost the tally sheet, thus taper info for some of it), 4/19-63, 4/26-64, 4/30-65 Switched to wt reduction - now @ -.068, 7/14 -.070, August 2015 -.074, between Sept & October 10 -.077, Nov. -.078(feeling great), -.090 as of 1/10/16, down to  -.101 since January 2016 (it is now 6/24/16), -.105 as of 8/13/16

Ladies, please don't underestimate the possibility of perimenopause. The symptoms can be similar to, may intensify & in some cases mimic protracted w/d from ssri's & benzo's. 


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How old are you? Perimrnopause/menopause can cause some of this, especially dince you mentioned night sweats. Have you looked into this?

I absolutely agree. 


It is pretty rough stuff for some. 



I'm 32.

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