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Occasional neuromuscular symptoms: Tics, twitches, fasciculations, spasms, cramps, restless legs

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Looking for reassurance that this isn’t something terrible. I QT in Sept 2019, muscle twitches started in January 2020. Now here it is May and I still have muscle twitching but it seems to be more and now it’s turning into jerks. The other night I tried to sleep and I jerked all night. Foot, arm, leg, hand, body, chin...just jerking. And now since then I’m still having the jerks! No pain, I don’t have any rigidity or anything (I hope it never comes) and I don’t notice it if I’m moving around. I don’t think it does it when I’m moving? I do have inner vibrations too. I’ve had twitching in my eyes and eyebrow too, my nose too and my tongue! Seriously this has got to be a result of the withdrawal right especially if I never had anything like this before? Has anyone had it like this before? Does it/did it go away? I’ve read the posts and people have experienced it but no one really has said if it has gone or not. I’m a little scared that this amplification has suddenly started almost 8 months off! Can someone provide some hope? I have a neurologist appointment on May 28th too. Any suggestions as to how to speak with him so he doesn’t think I’m crazy? Also any particular tests I should ask for? I was thinking eeg and mri with no dye. 


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Hi Avrgejane,


I had what you describe due to withdrawing from pills.  I can't say for sure that's what's caused yours but yes, this can happen in withdrawal.  In my case it did clear up.  I had a "mild" case where I had jerking in arms and legs, also some mouth issues, eyes, fingers and toes.  I'm sorry you are experiencing this as I know how scary it is.  As far as tests go they should know what to order.







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