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St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

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I have been taking High Potency St. Johns Wort from GNC from 1998-2017 for severe genetic depression/Anxiety with no problems except photo sensitivity in summer, so I wear strong sunscreen. I avoid wine, but not a drinker anyway. People who say st. Johns wort is only for mild depression are plain wrong. I did find that 300mg. Capsules weren't enough for me, but at least 1000 mg did work, but on a regular basis I take 1500/mg. a day. It got rid of ALL my symptoms in a week, and gave me my life back. I am the same as I was before the disease hit. I realize it doesn't work for everyone, every person's brain chemistry and genetics differ. It comes in 500mg. Capsules, a lg. bottle is around 20.00 at GNC at the stores or online. Also I feed my brain other things it needs like OMEGA 3,6,9 udos Oil, Vitamin B complex50-100 mg, zinc, selenium, probiotics, either lots of veggies or greens supplements. Unless you eat fish and seeds a lot, your brain gets no omegas. DON'T COMBINE WITH ANTIDEPRESSANTS, & check with interactions with Prescriptions as there are many. My best to anyone having to deal with any mental illness:)
Moderator note: Please read the first post in this topic. It include excerpts from several articles about St. John's Wort including this one:

"The Potential Dangers of Saint John's Wort: The Antidepressant Herb that May Not Be Right for Everyone"

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what is the general consensus on SJW ,out here . Alto whats your take ? Iv read some rave reviews about SJW on BB . A lot of people claim it cured anhedonia for them .Im a little tempted to take SJW and tyrosine to cure my anhedonia

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Please read through this entire thread, it contains all that information.  Basically we do not recommend taking SJW.  It is technically just another SSRI with all the associated problems, side effects and WD problems. 

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To anyone considering SJW to help with w/d -- I've experimented with taking it for a month after being two years off Effexor and am now suffering symptoms more severe than ever. Insomnia, akathisia, anxiety and panic attacks worse than they've ever been. Too bad I didn't read through this thread before I tried it. It is indeed just another antidepressant. 

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Please read this topic from the beginning it will tell you everything you need to know.

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People who have had their serotinin receptors "fiddled" (drugged, altered, sensitized) are more likely to have reactions to this drug.  

People who have been on serotinin drugs can have reactions to St. John's Wort, and there have been some fairly strong reactions.  Some after just one dose.


Others have gotten "hooked" on them - just like Prozac - and had to taper them


Just because it's a plant, doesn't mean it's 

1.  Safe for you

2.  Right for you


Additionally, those doses are very high.

For studies (usually sponsored by vested interests) the doses are high enough to get a reaction.  In herbal medicine, you want support and gentle response.


They are potent, like drugs - but the drugs are too strong, too.  

When I look at plant medicine, I like to look at "would I eat this as food?"  Would I eat this in one day?


Every day?  I don't think so. 

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Hello i don't know if this the right place for this post, if it not ok please delete this post or move it in right threat.

So i was researching St. John Wort, because i wanted to try it, but read this post: 


and then found this topic on bb.com:


this is the list (I do not know if the information is reliable):


Genus-Species Pseudonym(s) Active MAOI Constituent(s) Primary MAO Inhibition
Banisteriopsis Caapi Ayahausca, Caapi, Yage Harmala Alkaloids MAO-A
Curcuma Longa Turmeric Curcumin MAO-A
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Licorice / Liquorice Liquiritigenin, Isoliquiritigenin MAO-A/MAO-B
Nicotiana Spp. Tobacco Harmala Alkaloids MAO-A
Passiflora Incarnata Passion Flower Harmala Alkaloids MAO-A
Peganum Harmala Harmal, Syrian Rue Harmala Alkaloids MAO-A
Rhodiola Rosea Golden Root Rosavin, Rosiridin MAO-A/MAO-B
Tribulus Terrestris Puncturevine Harmala Alkaloids MAO-A/MAO-B
Camellia Sinensis Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea Catechin, Epicatechin MAO-B
Coffea Spp. Coffee Harmala Alkaloids ?
Cordyceps Sinensis Caterpillar Fungus ? MAO-B
Fallopia Japonica Japanese Knotweed Emodin MAO-B
Geijera Parviflora Australian Willow ? MAO-B
Olea Europaea Olive Oil Hydroxytyrosol MAO-B
Paeonia Suffruticosa Cortex Moutan, Mudanpi, Peony Paeonol MAO-A/MAO-B
Piper Methysticum Kava Kava Desmethoxyyangonin, Methysticin MAO-B
Piper Longum Long Pepper Piperine MAO-B
Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Piperine MAO-B
Polygonum Multiflorum Fo-Ti Emodin MAO-B
Rheum Emodi Rhuharb Emodin MAO-B
Uncaria Tomentosa Cat's Claw Catechin, Epicatechin MAO-B

And this is very interesting (this is reply in the original threat):

"What exactly are you worried about here? I doubt you're consuming the necessary amount of any of those compounds listed above to create a concentrated, pharmaceutical grade MAOI medication response. If you're that worried, don't eat foods high in Tyramine, i.e cheese and wine. The liver has an enzyme, MAO, that helps in digestion of Tyramine, that it increases release of norepinephrine. If you inhibit MAO, you block the mechanism to prevent tyramine digestion, therefore flooding your system with norepinephrine, causing hypertension."


This is link to original: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=115427471


So there are many foods and herbs that are MAOI's.



MAO stands for monoamine oxidase. It's an enzyme that breaks down certain neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine, serotonin, and dimethyltryptamine. All of which are crucial to brain function in various ways. 

There are actually 2 types of MAO in the body, and although similar, have different preferences for the monoamines they break down (deaminate). MAO-A, and MAO-B. 

Inhibiting this enzyme slow the breakdown of neurotransmitters, allowing their numbers to increase.





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Posted (edited)

Hi megamind,

If there is an existing topic we ask that you post in the existing topic.  Please read the whole topic right here(above).

Also, as a new user we do ask that you start an introduction/journal page for yourself as well. 


Personally I think if you were a psychoactive medication "virgin" it might possibly be helpful(the experiences and reports vary) but certainly if in W/D........as some of the above posts indicate, it can be trouble.


Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth,



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Is anyone aware of any dose equivalence between St John's Wort and SSRIs? (You know, approx 98.5mg of sertraline is equivalent to 18mg of something else or 175 of another drug.) Is anyone aware of any comparative information?


I'm finding lots of stuff on general comparisons but not on doses.




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I found this, table 1 has some good comparison information and in the conclusion they state that 900mgai would be the"effective dose" by combining that and bouncing it against DrMussys equivalency chart you should come up with something close.



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Thanks BrassMonkey. I'll do some reading and math.


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