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Gastritis anyone?


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I was wondering who has had gastritis and what the symptoms are?  I'm just


trying to determine why my nausea is so bad.  It just seems to be getting worse


and worse. I wake up with horrible nausea that lasts all day long, and usually gets


a little better late at night.  I'm drinking just nutritional drinks mostly in the day, then


can usually eat something at night.  Thank goodness I don't have any pain. My


throat feels like it is closing when the nausea is at its worst. Does anyone have


any experience with gastritis and willing to share your experience?

2006-Cymbalta 60mg for lyme disease2009-Quit Cymbalta c/tFeb. 2010-Reinstated 60mg CymMar.2010 to May.2012 tapered Cym to 36mgMay 2012-Crossed over to 30mg CelexaMay 2012-Oct.2013 Tapered Celexa down to 2.5mgOct.2013-Switched to 30 beads CymbaltaDec.4,2013-Stopped Cymbalta at 17 beads<p>Akathisia hit at 6 wks off and continuesNow taking melatonin when needed for sleep.

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