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A thought about stress


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Hello everyone!


I have been battling withdrawal from citalopram since 2012 with severe multiple chemical and food sensitivities as my worst symptoms. I have healed a lot but still have a lot of recovery to do. I came across this TED talk today and I don't know if you have watched it before but it just made me so happy and hopeful. It's about changing the view we have on stress, which in turn changes how stress affects us on all levels.




I am not new to the fact that our beliefs form A LOT of our health, our view of the world and ourselves etc, but stress is something that I have viewed as something that just IS BAD, not even something you could question, like most other things and the beliefs around them, it just is BAD and will kill you or at least cause loads of trouble for your health. Well this TED talk totally changed my view on this, and that it actually is possible to turn stress into something that is not so bad after all.


You might wonder why I am posting this on this forum, but I was thinking of how much stress affects my health and my withdrawal symptoms, which gets sooo much worse in all ways when stressors are present. So to change how we view stress might ease the effects of stress on our system and in turn ease up some withdrawal symptoms, and I know I am not the only one who would looove that! :D


Our beliefs are changable on a concious level sure, but the real changes happens as some of you might know on the subconcious level, and I myself use Tapas Acupressure Technique to change my beliefs on a deep level, easy and very helpful, so I can really recommend TAT if you havent tried it yet. It has become my biggest healing-tool in the last year and has healed A LOT of my issues. I can explain to you how it works if you'd like, or how I have used it on my withdrawal issues, you can also check out the website tatlife.com for info and guides on how to do it.


This was a long post, and it's my first ever here I think...But my main thing with this post was to share the clip not to talk about TAT, but I just love it so much and can't shut up about it haha^^, sorry about that! Hope you like the clip! :D


Hugs to you all,



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