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Anti depressants are simply sanctioned self medication.


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I'm a little over a month into this period of abstinence from alcohol. I say period of abstinence because sobriety is too all encompassing, and ultimately is a state of mind and lifestyle choice, not an experiment.


Having said that, I think I am doing myself a disservice by simply saying I am having a little time off the pop. I really have adjusted my lifestyle, and I have implemented some massive changes that I fully intend to solidify in my life. I am exercising 6 days a week, meditating, writing, drawing, thinking, dating crying and analysing myself. I am dieting, loading up on vitamins, taking care of my appearance, honing skills, battling depression and anxiety with long term strategies and ultimately becoming a better person.


I have steadily tapered off my anti depressants, and I took my last tablet over a week or so ago. Minus a few irrational outbursts of anger exacerbated by traffic jams and irritating requests from my over domineering boss, it all went rather smoothly.


So, to summarise, to the unfamiliar eye, if one was to observe my day, they would see me wake up at 6.00am, take various multivitamins before going for a brisk swim before work, proceed through my working day with positivity and a keen wit, before retiring to the gym for an intense bicep work out. I would then retire to a cloud of steam emanating from the hot bath, and the smoke of herbal incense, before meandering into my bedroom to meditate in front of a candle before slinking into bed. An observer would colour me a Buddhist monk.


An observer would be wrong.


I'm not at peace with myself. I'm not happy with this lifestyle. Having said that, in the month or so that I have practiced this way of life, a few underlying issues have protruded through the fading haze of drink, drugs and fun.


Thus far, I have learned, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have issues. You're probably reading this thinking 'NO **** SHERLOCK,' and if that is the case, please, bear with me. I have known that I have had issues for a long long time, but I haven't really addressed the route at any point in my life. I am getting to a point where I am willing to do that.


Admittedly, I am self diagnosing, which isn't advisable, but again, bear with me. I think that all of my compulsive behaviour - Pure OCD itself, compulsive drinking, smoking, gambling, abusing SSRIs, anything fun, is my brains way of protecting myself from myself. I'll elaborate - I have been seeing this girl recently, and she is amazing. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, we have EVERYTHING in common, and she really likes me. I like her, too. I like her, but I also don't want to be with her. I don't want to be with anyone on an emotional level. I avoid connecting with her like the plague, and I play up to my reputation, I exaggerate my humour, and I when I am with her I worry that she thinks this is going somewhere. I was engaged in this particular cycle last night, and for once I was mindful of it, so I had a think.


Why am I so terrified that this might actually go somewhere? Why am I always terrified that this is the case? My longest relationship is genuinely 4 weeks, yet I have had sex with over 70 girls.


I dug a little deeper. I asked myself, 'what am I waiting for?' I know that one day I want a to have a marriage and a family. I then proceeded to ask myself 'If not this girl who ticks every box yet you are trying desperately to run away from, then who?!'


Why does a relationship terrify me? Because I would have to lay my emotions on the line.


Why is that a problem?


I was bullied when I was a child - a lot. I have never really given any credence to that, and I have minimised the problem in my own head up until now, but for years and years, I was bullied, ostracised, humiliated and chastised relentlessly. The harder I tried to be accepted, the more I was bullied. I never gave up, and I jumped through hoops to fit in, eventually becoming part of 'the crew.' I think I have constructed an impenetrable front around myself to display to the world and to cope with the bullying that I experienced.


I'm not a psychiatrist, and I don't pretend to profess theories of defence mechanisms with any conviction, but right here is a plausible cause for my compulsive behaviour. I have a starting point. I am going to get a referral to a therapist and start to talk about this as I really believe it needs to be addressed.


Writing this has made me feel both liberated and vulnerable. I'm catching thoughts in my head saying 'people won't think you're cool.' How insane is that?


As for the not drinking, well, long may it continue until I have addressed these issues, and perhaps long after that. It is difficult, I must admit, but I am fully aware that abusing alcohol will do nothing to improve my situation, and my that logic, neither will Zoloft.

2 years on Zoloft 100mg for Obsessive thoughts, anxiety and depression

2 Months on Effexor 


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Very interesting observations, MrS.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Hi there Mister Saunders. That was a great post. I can relate to an awful lot of what you are saying. I used to be a drinker and I used to party a lot. However, I don't drink any more now and I am a lot happier to be free of alcohol which I feel is a horrible and destructive drug. I have fallen off the wagon in the past. I always regretted it when I did. I don't drink at all now. I take antabuse daily in case I am ever tempted by a drink. I don't have any interest in alcohol generally now though. It has caused me a lot of pain and trouble in the past. The antabuse is a safety net for me by the way. I have never really craved alcohol so I wouldn't feel that I am chemically addicted to it but from time to time I think that it would be nice to have a drink and if I have taken my antabuse within the last few days it just isn't an option.


Regarding the romantic relationships we may be in a similar boat. I meet a lot of women online and I go on a lot of dates. After a while I will generally meet somebody and start a relationship. However, the relationships generally don't last very long. I find that I just can't get emotionally involved or attach. I have been this way for years I think. There is part of me that really wants to be in love but I am not sure if this is possible for me so. I can fool myself and think that perhaps I just haven't met the right girl yet but I have had relationships with so many women I wonder if every single one of them could have been wrong for me. 


I was bullied and teased a lot when I was a child. I have always been sensitive. I was also abandoned by my mother when I was very young. My father was never in my life. This presumably explains why I have attachment issues. I have seen several therapists and I have been through all this childhood stuff. I finished with my last therapist a few months ago and I have decided that I don't want to do any more therapy because in the end I felt that I was wasting my time and money. It was time that I stood on my own two feet. I feel that therapy did help me in the past but I think that I have gone as far as I can with it. I have started a meditation practice as well. I have been doing this for perhaps 3 months now. I try to meditate for 30 minutes a day. I don't necessarily do it every day but I try to, normally in the mornings before I go to work.


So there you go. I am new on here by the way. Regarding the girl that you are seeing right now I wish you the best. Please keep us posted.

Previously - zopiclone, risperidone, lyrica (pregabalin), ativan (lorezapam)
01/Aug/2016 -  65mg effexor, 4.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
12/Aug/2016 -  75mg effexor, 4.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
03/Oct/2016 -  70mg effexor, 4.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
29/Oct/2016 -  65mg effexor, 4.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
25/Nov/2016 -  65mg effexor, 4mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
25/Dec/2016 -  60mg effexor, 3.6mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
18/Jan/2017 -  60mg effexor, 5.25mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
27/Mar/2017 -  54mg effexor, 5.25mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
23/Apr/2017 -  54mg effexor, 7.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
09/May/2017 -  75mg effexor, 7.5mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
08/Jun/2017 -  75mg effexor, 6.75mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
18/Jul/2017 -  75mg effexor, 6mg olanzapine, 15mg mirtazpine
Sometimes valium. Not daily. Supplements - Sterols and Stanols.
Note : I would really hope that nobody uses my tapering history as a guideline. It might not work well for somebody else tapering similar medications.
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Are you an adult child of an alcoholic or para alcoholic ???

atavan PRN ,Paxil approx 20 yrs ago for major depression
Switched to Klonopin PRN through to current
Paxil wore out
Changed to Effexor 
Depakote added
enormous weight gain - flat affect - led to depression - dropped depakote
Dropped Effexor, changed to Paxil 
PDoc added mixed salts amphetamines for ADHD - took for 2 yrs - was ok at first but had to cut as symptoms too intense -  then the crash was too much. STOPPED
Vyvanse started in 2013 (APRIL) - more smooth than IR amphetamine tabs---Have not used vyvanse daily in full amt since May 2013 

Paxil CT withdrawal 10/2012  :wacko:  Klonopin CT WD

Switched Klonopin to Xanax prn  - too strong

WD CT from XANAX after taking for a while - it was awful but can be done if you hold on!

Back to Klonopin PRN - working very hard to avoid taking it at all. 

Effexor 37.5 started 02/2013, 75mg by 03/2013, 150mg by 05/2012 (approx)  :blush:

Effexor 150mg 3/10/2014 Microtaper -3beads  :unsure:

3/11/2014-4beads ,3/12/14 - 5, 3/13/14 -6, 3/15/14 - 7, 3/18 - 8, 3/22 - 10, 3/24 - 12, 4/6 - 13, 4/7 - 14, 4/11 - 16 - on 4/19 ran out of brand took generic. Bad move. Back on brand on 4/20 and updosed 2 beads. 5/1 - 15, 5/6 - 16, 5/9 -17, 55/10 -17, 5/15 -18, 5/21 -19, 5/24 -20, 6/3 - 21, 6/6 -23, 6/13 -24,6/19- 25, 6/21 -26, 6/25 -27

6/28 -28, 6/29 -30, 7/3 -34, 7/8 -35, 7/17 -36, 7/30 -41,7/31 -42, 8/2 -43, 8/3 -44, 8/5 -45, 8/14 -48, 8/26-50, 9/24 -53, 10/24 -55, 12/1 -57, (lost the tally sheet, thus taper info for some of it), 4/19-63, 4/26-64, 4/30-65 Switched to wt reduction - now @ -.068, 7/14 -.070, August 2015 -.074, between Sept & October 10 -.077, Nov. -.078(feeling great), -.090 as of 1/10/16, down to  -.101 since January 2016 (it is now 6/24/16), -.105 as of 8/13/16

Ladies, please don't underestimate the possibility of perimenopause. The symptoms can be similar to, may intensify & in some cases mimic protracted w/d from ssri's & benzo's. 


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