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For those who are feeling desperate or suicidal

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On 11/04/2017 at 4:08 AM, Looking4peace said:

Does SA have any phone contacts?



This link is to support with others in withdrawal.  But it is not necessarily the survivors supporting those still in withdrawal.


While I hear you that it would be good for those (like myself) who have survived drugging and withdrawal to give back to the community by taking phone calls, it is just not practical.  


For my own well being, I don't always accept phone calls from friends.  A phone call is an interruption in my life and flow.  

How much harder would it be for me to staff a helpline for people in distress?  It is hard enough to deal with the fallout from these drugs on my own time, at my own pace - without it interrupting my schedules.  It is vital to my own healing to keep these boundaries clear, and I'm certain I'm not the only one.

As people get better, they tend to move away from SA.  I hear your wishful desire, and as more and more people survive these drugs - it is possible that someone will join together and provide such a service.

Until such time - I recommend listening to the excellent podcasts:  Let's Talk Withdrawal - James Moore

This podcast allows you to listen to survivors and withdrawal specialists - and it is such a comfort to hear how others have experienced withdrawal as well.

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Moderator note:  After a few hours cleaning up this thread, I must reiterate:

Please only use this thread to post HELP for those who are desperate or suicidal.


Please keep personal comments about your own symptoms or emotional states in your own personal introduction thread.  Please keep personal conversations in your - or your friends - personal introduction threads.


Any personal comments here will be deleted or moved.  This time I was kind, and moved them.  Next time, the moderator may not be so generous.

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This is a RESOURCES topic


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For U.S. members: 


The Western Mass RLC, located in Massachusetts, has a wonderful peer support lineToll Free: 888.407.4515


Hours are Fri-Mon, 8p.m. to midnight EST (but in June 2018 will expand to daily from 7pm-10pm, yay!).


It is staffed by peer support specialists who have "been there." I have called to discuss and get support for my withdrawal experiences. They know about and recommend SA too--they usually say, "Have you ever heard of the site, Surviving Antidepressants?" : ) 


From their Web site: As opposed to a crisis line that is answered by a clinician and focuses on whether or not you may qualify for hospitalization or respite, a peer support line is answered by a trained peer worker who has their own lived experience (with a psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, extreme or altered states, etc.) and who is there to talk and offer support.


I can personally highly recommend this resource.


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Thank you for sharing this SkyBlue...this site is wonderful and this support line sounds wonderful as well...such much needed gifts!!!!

Going to copy and paste it and share...thank you again!!!

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On 12/23/2014 at 6:40 PM, mammaP said:

Are you feeling desperate or suicidal? 


Sadly, many of us have felt that we simply cannot carry on. Most of us here have been in that situation, some as a side effect of medication and others from withdrawal. It is a feeling that is all consuming and taunts us day and night. We are all deeply saddened to see a fellow member feeling so low and being powerless to help. We are not professionals and not equipped to offer the support and guidance that is needed, but are here to offer understanding and empathy.  


What you are feeling is real, it is devastating and it hurts, but it will get better.  In the meantime it is important that you talk to someone. Talking about your feelings will help you to deal with them. There are many agencies that have helplines dedicated to helping people who are suicidal and I am going to post links to some organisations that can offer the support that we can't.  


Talking helps us to put things into perspective and release some of the tension, especially when no-one seems to understand or believe what we are going through. If you are religious then maybe someone at your church will understand and listen without judgement. 


I have found helplines extremely helpful in the past, sometimes talking to a stranger who doesn't know you is easier. They  have no preconceptions and do not judge you, simply listen as you pour out your heart.


 If the feelings are overwhelming then call the emergency room, or accident and emergency department of your local hospital. 


We at SA care about you very much and want to see you get better, it is devastating for all of us when someone cannot take any more and wish we could do more but we are limited in what we can offer.


Please tell us how you are feeling, but  please understand how it is for us when someone says they are going to end their life and not come back. We do not want to lose you, we want you to get better. 



- This is an excellent page written by Martha Ainsworth, please take a few minutes to read it, I couldn't find the words that she has used beautifully, and I feel those words are meant for all of us here.  I couldn't copy and paste because of copyright but have permission to link to the piece.



- A list of helplines throughout the world



- The Crisis Text Line (US only) http://www.crisistextline.org/how-it-works/ Text START to 741-741


- In the UK, Maytree is an organisation offering respite for people who are suicidal. It is not a hospital or medical facility so they would not be offering drugs. It is free of charge.  There are criteria to meet but I don't know what they are at present. 



- A piece from the blog Beyond Meds 




Please share experiences here and how you overcame this awful compulsion. It may give hope to others who are now going through the same nightmare. 


If anyone knows of help and support in their country, please add the details to this thread. 

Any for india?

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Some thoughts:


I hope you can hold on and let this feeling pass.  You may believe it's a decision you have made based on what you feel is evidence.  However, there are emotions all intertwined within what you believe is "logical" thinking.   Tomorrow, you may make a different decision.  Always wait for tomorrow.  If you have no waiver in your decision for weeks, then that would be surprising.


What kept me alive was what my suicide would do to my daughter and my husband.  You should read accounts of what people feel when someone they love does that.  It's important that you know all the consequences because part of what your brain does is make you focus on all the reasons why you "should" do it and avoid all the reasons why you shouldn't.  You must question your brain at these times because it tends to betray you a bit.  You should make a list of all the reasons why you SHOULDN'T do it.  You owe yourself that much before you take any action, right?  

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I agree, Rosetta. “Always wait until tomorrow.”  That thought has saved my life perhaps hundreds of times. I would add “reach out to a safe person” be it someone you know or as Brass monkey advocated, the suicide hotline. 


Thank you you for letting us know she is still here. There has been a surge of people taking their own lives this week it seems. However it feels like celebs get so much attention, when the reality is, suicide happens more than it should and a lot of that is still caused by the societal stigma of depression and mental health issues. I keep thinking it is getting better but when I continue to hear   that suicide “is a selfish act” it makes my blood boil. 


We are are here for each other. That is what defines SA. 



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