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It is possible that my Grandma is dieing. My sister said she had a dream with her how she said that my sister should take care of the children and vanished in the dream. My mother said she is still bleeding and at times falls in coma.


I would like to visit her but I am ill and my mother said that it is not good if I go because she can get flu from me which would kill her immediately.


But it is terrible. I wish I spent more time with her before. When I was young, 14, she was great. I slept in her apartment, I was born by her. But later we didnt talk that much together. We had a quarell with my mother (I went to live with my father) and she was always on my mothers side. So we didnt talk much. But I liked her. She was great at reading destiny from cards. She had a talent for this. As a child this was my favourite activity- I gave her cards, we sat together and she talked what she sees, what will come in the future- I loved that. I hope she will not die.

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I still must think on my grandma. I would like to see her to say good bye but my mother said if I am ill they will not let me in hospital. She will go there tomorrow with my father and I should go on Saturday and Sunday. I got such a crying attack now, I remember her how she took care of me as a child, she was always so good. I think people need you when they are so alone in hospital and she must be so lonely and scared now when her time came and she is dying. 


I am so afraid that I will not see her anymore.

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