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everythingbut: So lonely!

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I feel uncomfortable talking about myself and this! 

I'm a lively, rambunctious person and I can't believe I'm here, seeking help and affirmation on an online forum. I don't know how I got to where I am but I'm more than ready to resurrect myself and I just wish that my friends and the world would go along with me.

I've always struggled with addiction issues, but about a year ago I turned to sleeping pills to help with my longstanding insomnia. I didn't even think I was remotely addicted, until I tried to stop. I went through two months of deep withdrawal and then turned to trazodone, which, little did I know, I'm allergic to and made me swell up and made the symptoms even worse. I act like a nightmare when I'm out and my behavior is unpredictable and erratic-- I suddenly feel like I'm high on shrooms and the room is spinning and I can't see straight, and then I go home and shake and tremor for three days with cold sweats and night terrors. I've tried to adjust and adjust with no relief. My doctor said to quit cold turkey instead of tapering because I'm probably allergic, so here I am. But xanax and ambien produced similar withdrawal effects so maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive. Anyway, looking for any possible way to get through this and any support... friends and family are too scared and seem to want to ditch me/ignore me while I'm acting weird.



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Welcome everythingbut,


I'm sorry you are going through this.  I understand how you feel about sharing something personal like this on a public forum, I felt the same way when I first joined, there are lots of us here, going through a similar experience.  Unfortunately  most of us have no choice but to come here for support because unless you have gone through it yourself, its impossible to understand.


Before we can offer some suggestions, we need a little more information about drugs you have taken and how you came off them.  All drugs you have previously taken or currently take, dates and dosages.  This gives a clear picture so we know what to advise.  If you put this information in your signature, it makes it easy to see your situation at the bottom of each post, this is how you do it:




What symptoms are you experiencing now? Is there any pattern to them?


You can use this thread as your ongoing journal to track progress and communicate with the community, add to it whenever you want. I'm glad you found us, you will find a lot of friendly help and support here.


Once you get back to us with more details about your drug history and situation, we will be in a better position to offer support and suggestions.



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Hi everythingbut . . . welcome.


How long did you take the trazodone for?   Dosage etc.


This site is full of supportive souls who can relate to your situation.   


Best wishes ,     Fresh

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Hello and welcome, as soon as you are able add your signature....... any drugs.....  just found out effexor is number two on the world health organisations list of most addictive substances, valium is 13.  What an eye opener.


You are amongst friends,  I never thought I would trust an on line support group either..... but I do.....

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