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Johnny Testicles pain caused by Zoloft


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It started 15 months ago. I started taking Zoloft (sertraline) 50mg. After a few days (2-4) I started feeling very unpleasant pain in my testicles. I didn't stop taking this poison immediately, as I thought the pain will go away soon. As I was wrong, I stopped taking it on the 10th day (of taking it). The pain slowly faded away (in 1-2 weeks), but not completely.
Since then the pain was better (almost ok, but not quite) for a few weeks, and then worse for a few weeks, then better, then worse, and it was like that until about 5 months ago.
5 months ago it got worse - since then testicles are smaller and softer than usual, and the pain is with me every day.
The pain I'm taking about from the start, is a constant, "radiating" (if that's a correct word) and hard to localize pain. The localization is about the upper side of testicles. The pain is perceptible the most when I'm standing (lying/sitting also), I don't feel the pain when I'm walking or running. There are no spots that hurt during touching. There is something off during erection when I tighten the perineal muscles (the muscles that work during orgasm). I wouldn't call it a pain, but there's something off (the same area the pain is located at).
My question is: why Zoloft caused this very unpleasant testicles pain? What could have happened (what are the possible scenarios)? It's obvious this drug damaged something - what is that and why my organism cannot repair it on its own?
Now I will try to give you more info to describe my case in details:
- In the past I've been taking Paxil (paroxetine) for about a year (with a short switch to Lexapro and then back to Paxil). I finished taking it 1,5 year before I started taking Zoloft (no big withdrawal problems). None of the SSRIs before Zoloft caused testicles pain. I experienced standard SSRIs sexual side effects (it was harder to reach orgasm, and after I stopped taking Paxil, it was too easy to get orgasm). I had no big erection problems (it was a bit weaker after I stopped taking Paxil).
- 4 month ago I started experiencing strange general health problems. For a few days I feel OK, and then I have a few bad days, and so on. When I have bad days, I feel very weak and cold (specially around the chest). Tescticles are smaller and softer specially during those bad days. I believe it may be related.
- All blood and urine tests are perfectly fine. Hormon levels are fine (including testosteron). Thyroid is fine.
- I don't take any medications (only vitamins). Before that I never had any health problems (I'm 30). I eat and live healthy. I don't have any mental problems (such as depression, anxiety). I was taking SSRIs for social phobia, but I don't have problems with that either now. I'm not stressed. Obviously the health problems lower my mood, but it's natural.
- I've been to a few doctors and no one knows how to help me, as they don't have a foggy idea of how SSRIs really work (anyone does?) and how much side effects they can cause. My urologist doesn't see any physical problems. USG doesn't show anything to worry.
- For testicles pain I tried to take diosmin, but it doesn't change anything. I also tried to massage the perineal area, no effect either.
All those problems (tescticles problems + feeling weak and cold) make my life really difficult lately. The worse part is that I have no idea what's going on, and no doctor knows that either. From the other side, I know excatly what is the cause (at least for testicles problems). Zoloft. What could have been damaged by this drug?
Thanks for any help :(.


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